Cleartax's Guide To e-Filing Income Tax Returns

Documents needed for filing Income Tax Returns in India.

Typically you'll need to have the following items at hand for filing your Income Tax Return. This might vary on a case by case basis.

  • PAN number
  • For Salaried Employees
  • Form-16 issued by your employer

  • If you have Interest or Other Income
  • Bank statements / passbook for Interest Income on bank deposits.
  • Statements of Interest Income besides Bank deposits
  • TDS certificates issued to you by your bank and others

  • Form 26AS
    The Income Tax department actually shows you the tax credit you have accrued from various Taxes deducted at source.
    This typically should match all your TDS certificates.

    Learn how to access your Form 26AS

    Section 80 Investments
  • Section 80C investment statements. Investments done under LIC, NSC, PPF qualify for Section 80C deductions.
  • Charitable donation statements. Donations that can be claimed for tax deductions under Section 80G. Typically the receipt issued by the institute you donate to mentions the eligibility under Section 80G.
  • Section 80CCF investments. Upto Rs. 20,000 can be claimed as tax deduction under this section

  • Other Investment Documents
  • Interest paid on housing loan. Interest on housing loan is eligible for tax saving upto Rs 1,50,000. This is for a self-occupied house.
  • Education loan interest payments.
  • Stock trading statement. The stock trades that were made during the year may be taxed under Capital Gain.
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Slideshow: E-filing your Income Tax Return with ClearTax

Guide to printing and sending ITR-V to CPC - Bangalore

If you've downloaded the ITR-V from the Income Tax Department's website, you'll need a password to open it.

The password is your PAN number in lower letters along with date of birth.

Date of birth: 01/01/1975
password: aaapa1111f01011975

After receiving your ITR-V (acknowledgement), you have to send it to CPC, Bangalore within 120 days of e-filing your Income Tax return.

ITR-V is a one page document, which you need to sign in BLUE INK and send via ordinary post or speed post. You cannot courier the ITR-V.

You do NOT need to send any supporting documents along with the ITR-V. Just the one page signed ITR-V.

We strongly recommend that you send your ITR-V at the earliest for your tax refund processing. Don't forget, ok?

Address of CPC, Bangalore:

Post Bag No.1,
Electronic City Post Office,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560100

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Checking whether CPC has received your ITR-V

Detailed instructions provided by Income Tax Department

  1. Please use Ink Jet /Laser printer to print the ITR-V Form.
  2. Avoid printing on Dot Matrix printer.
  3. The ITR-V Form should be printed only in black ink.
  4. Do not use any other ink option to print ITR V.
  5. Ensure that print out is clear and not light print/faded copy.
  6. Please do not print any water marks on ITR-V. The only permissible watermark is that of "Income tax Department" which is printed automatically on each ITR-V.
  7. The document that is mailed to CPC should be signed in original in BLUE INK.
  8. Photocopy of signatures will not be accepted.
  9. The signatures or any handwritten text should not be written on Bar code.
  10. Bar code and numbers below barcode should be clearly visible.
  11. Only A4 size white paper should be used.
  12. Avoid typing anything at the back of the paper.
  13. Perforated paper or any other size paper should be avoided.
  14. Do not use stapler on ITR V acknowledgement.
  15. In case you are submitting original and revised returns, do not print them back to back. Use two separate papers for printing ITR-Vs separately.
  16. More than one ITR-V can be sent in the same envelope.
  17. Please do not submit any annexures, covering letter, pre stamped envelopes etc. along with ITR-V.
  18. The ITR-V form is required to be sent to Post Bag No.1, Electronic City Post Office, Bengaluru, Karnataka-560100, by ordinary post or speedpost.
  19. ITR-Vs that do not conform to the above specifications may get rejected or acknowledgement of receipt may get delayed.

Checking whether CPC has received your ITR-V

  1. CPC Bangalore dispatches an email acknowledgement on receipt of ITR V. It should reach within 4-5 days after sending ITR-V to Bangalore.
  2. Assessee can check status of ITR-V receipt by CPC Bangalore online at (official government portal) [easiest mechanism]
    Click here to find out whether CPC has received your ITR-V.
  3. Assessee can call 1800-425-2229 - Govt of India helpline from 9AM to 8PM.

The receipt of ITR-V by CPC, Bangalore should be checked after 4-5 days of sending the ITR-V.

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