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Generate Rent Receipts

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Understand tax implications & Get help with new currency rules

ClearTax is here to help you transition to the new currency rules

Confused about where to start and what are the implications of the new currency changes on you? Don’t panic. ClearTax is here to educate and help.

Help your friends, domestic help, maid, driver by educating them on how to exchange their money. Give them short term loans to help them through the transition. Talk to them about this change.

Step-by-step guide for New Currency Rules
  • 500 & 1000 Notes not be valid from 8th November 2016.
  • New 500 and 2,000 Currency notes will be issued by RBI after 11th November 2016.
  • Deposit the old notes into a Bank or a Post Office from 10th Nov 2016 to 30th Dec 2016.
  • After 30 Dec 2016 till 31 March 2017, old notes will be accepted by select RBI Branches with a declaration.
  • ₹ 500 & ₹ 1000 Notes not be valid from 8 November 2016.
Understand Tax Implications & Impact on you

Confused about where to start and what are the implications of the new currency changes on you?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to go to my bank branch only to exchange and deposit these notes?

For exchange up to ₹ 4,000, you can go to any bank branch with a valid identity proof. For exchanges above Rs 4,000, you will have to deposit the money in your bank branch or any branch of the same bank.

I don’t have an account, but my relative or friend does. Can I get my notes exchanged through that account?

Yes, you can do that as long as the account holder, your relative or friend, gives you written permission to do so. You will have to provide this written permission to the bank and submit your valid identity proof as well.

Can I withdraw cash against cheque?

Yes, cash of up to ₹ 10,000 in a day can be withdrawn against slip or cheque. This limit stands at Rs 20,000 in a week and includes ATM withdrawals as well.

I am not in India right now. What should I do?

If you’re not in India right now and you have old notes in India, you can authorize a person in writing to deposit this money into your bank account. The authorized person will have to visit the bank branch with the money, the authorization letter and a valid identity proof.

How can I report the cash I have as income earned?

You can report the cash you have as income earned over the last 2 years. But simply paying the tax due will not be enough. You will also be required to file a late return.

What should I do if I have already filed my tax return?

You can file a revised return if you have already filed tax returns for FY2015-16 and show the cash you have in your revised returns.

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