E-Filing with Multiple Form-16s on ClearTax

How to e-File if you changed jobs during the year or have multiple jobs

Learn how to e-File if you have changed jobs during the year

If you've changed jobs during the year, you probably have 2 Form-16s. Don't be confused. Follow this guide to understand how to enter your details from multiple jobs and e-File easily.

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Income Sources

Step 1.

Fill in the details of the first job as you usually would. You can also upload your Form-16 for this step.

details of the first job

Step 2.

Once you've filled the details for the first job, click the button to add details for another job.

click this button to add another job

Step 3.

Fill in the details of the second job manually. These details are available in the Form-16 itself.

Details of the second Job from multiple jobs

Look up our guide to the Form-16 to understand which details go where.


Step 1.

Specify your total contribution to Section 80C made throughout the year.

Section 80C multiple form-16 deductions

even more deductions from multiple form-16 deductions

Step 2.

Click the button to e-File. You're done!

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