How Mr. Bose found love.

Mr. Bose is a 28 year old professional working for a technology company in Bangalore. He's this nice chap who does his work diligently. Hardworking, sincere. He was until recently single. He wasn't happy about it, but he wasn't desperate. He didn't want to go through the route to marriage. He wanted to find love.

We at clearTax helped a little bit along the way on his journey of finding love and happiness. We are sharing that story (with his permission).

It turned out Mr. Bose spent a lot of time at work. Mr. Bose justified the long overtime hours by saying he needed the overtime pay to stay afloat. Unfortunately, like a typical technology company, most of his co-workers were guys. So there weren't many prospects at work.

Now Mr. Bose also knew how his situation could be helped, theoretically. Alas, there was never a concrete action plan. So we jumped in. A bit uninvited. But everyone's glad we did.

So how did clearTax fit in? Its not a dating website, right?
No, its not a dating site. Its an Income Tax Return filing website. The short answer is: We saved Mr. Bose a bit of money for him on Income Taxes. And a bit of time in filing them.

No, really, how did this work?

Income taxes take a swipe at 30% of your income. And saving on that is huge. The more you save on taxes, well that's more money in your pocket. More money = Liberation. For Mr. Bose that meant going to the gym, meeting friends, having a life outside work.

So we went ahead, and we saved taxes for Mr. Bose. We told him where he can claim more deductions by doing a sophisticated analysis of his Income Tax return. Everything done automatically, on our website. We work very hard on this, so that Mr. Bose could focus on his hot date on Saturday night. By the way, he met his date Shefali at the gym.

Sometimes investments and tax planning has to be done in the financial year while you earn the money. So we told Mr. Bose of a plan to use for the next year. No jargon. Just an actionable plan.

This was money in his pocket saved from the Indian Government legitimately. He likes it. No, he loves it. Shefali thought highly of him. Mr. Bose was suddenly the wise man in the parties he attended. (Pro tip: Don't be insufferable about it. We, the founders have first hand experience. You've got to keep it light when it comes to taxes)

So we at ClearTax do all this tax analysis for free. We believe in karma.

FAQ#42) So you guys saved me a bunch of money. Anything else? I really need help in the-finding-love-department?

Yes. We are the fastest way to prepare and e-file taxes in India. We really, really understand taxes. We ask the right questions, we get you done in the minimum time possible. And we have made the website fast as blazes. You get done with taxes in a few minutes on our website, then you go back to facebook.

Mr. Bose reported success by helping his new found love interests file taxes via our website. Its so quick that he helped out 6-7 girls in half an hour. Knight in shining armor and all that.

Oh and you'll also e-file with us. That saves a lot of paper. More trees => more oxygen => Better performance in aerobic activities.

FAQ#73) I saved a bunch of money using ClearTax. Now I am getting married! Honeymoon time. Now I need my tax records for a Swiss visa application. Help?

Awesome. Glad that worked out for you. Happy to help. We keep a backup of all your tax records. Log-in, take a printout. Done.

We really are out to increase the happiness quotient of the universe. So take ClearTax out for a whirl. Its really easy to efile your taxes here.

Mr. Bose got married to Shefali in the end. Now he no longer e-files for 6-7 other girls.

Mr. Bose. 28-year old single guy. He didn't want to use He wanted to find real love.

He worked long hours in IT. Workplace full of guys.

ClearTax (an Income Tax website) rode to his resuce! We saved him money and time.

Mr. Bose starts having a life outside work. Gym, meeting friends after work.

Mr. Bose finds out more about tax saving. Helps a lot of people out. Becomes popular.

Meets Shefali at the gym. Shefali and Bose fall in love. Got married recently.

Honeymoon time. ClearTax had a backup of their Income Tax Returns for the Swiss Visa.

Love happened. Via ClearTax.

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