FinTech Glossary

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Recent Terms


  • Investment Style

    Investment style is the method followed by the management of separate accounts or managed funds by an institutional money manager and the philosophy behind it.   Read more

  • Energy ETFs

    Energy ETF is based on underlying commodities such as crude oil and natural gas, securities of oil and energy sector companies.   Read more

  • Open Offer

    An open offer takes place when the company wishes to raise capital efficiently.   Read more

  • Sellout

    Sellout happens when an investor buying stocks fails to settle the trade within the standard timeframe.   Read more

  • Run

    In technical analysis, a run is a series of consecutive price variations that occur in the same direction for a particular security, index, or sector.   Read more

  • Capital Investment

    Capital investment is the amount invested in a company to enhance its business objectives.   Read more


  • Longitudinal Data

    Longitudinal data, also called panel data, is a series of repetitive observations of the same topics, collected over a period of time from a larger population and is useful to quantify change.   Read more

  • Purchasing Power

    Purchasing power is a currency's value expressed in terms of the number of goods or services that can be bought by one unit of capital.   Read more

  • Subpoena

    A subpoena is a demand for the processing of records, or an order to appear in court or other legal proceedings.   Read more

  • Inflation Targeting

    Inflation targeting is a monetary policy in which a central bank sets a specific target for medium-term inflation rate and declares the target for inflation to the public.   Read more

  • Condemnation

    Condemnation refers to the process adopted by the government of seizing of private property for public use.   Read more

  • Social Sciences

    Social sciences refer to the study of human culture as well as social relations.   Read more


  • Overhead

    Overhead refers to a business expense which remains fixed in nature.   Read more

  • Modus Operandi

    Modus operandi is a Latin term used in English-speaking circles to describe the usual way of working of a person or a community, which constitutes a discernible pattern.   Read more

  • Control

    In business, control refers to the managerial control or functions of the management of a company or organisation.   Read more

  • Ideation

    Ideation refers to the process of generating solutions through creativity and communicating to a group of people or end-users.   Read more

  • Quality Management

    Quality management refers to the act of supervising all operations and tasks to be done to achieve a desired degree of excellence.   Read more

  • Strategic Alliance

    Strategic alliance refers to an agreement or arrangement between two or more parties to carry out projects for their common benefit.   Read more

    Financial advisor

  • Blanket Recommendation

    A blanket recommendation is an insistence given by a financial advisor or organisation to their clients to sell or buy a certain asset or product, irrespective of the compatibility of the product with their investment requirements and risk profile.   Read more

  • Financial Literacy

    Financial literacy refers to the ability to understand and apply different financial skills effectively, including personal financial management, budgeting, and saving.   Read more

  • Securities Contracts

    The Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act, was enacted in the year 1956.   Read more

  • Asset Allocation

    Asset allocation is a strategy in investments that intends to balance the risk and rewards by allocating a portfolio’s capital assets as per the individual’s risk profile, goals, and investment horizon.   Read more

  • Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)

    Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) is an individual or a firm that advises high net worth individuals on investments and manages their portfolios.   Read more

  • Optimized Portfolio As Listed Securities (OPALS)

    It is a single-country stock index with fewer holdings than the benchmarked index.   Read more

    Corporate finance and accounting

  • Net Sales

    Net sales refer to the sum of the gross sales of a business minus their returns, allowances, and discounts.   Read more

  • Authorised Share Capital

    Authorised share capital is the number of stock units (shares) that a company may issue, as set out in its association memorandum or incorporation papers.   Read more

  • Accounting Software

    Accounting software is an application for the collection and control of records, as well as arithmetic or accounting operations.   Read more

  • Factors Of Production

    The factors of production are the inputs that are required to create goods or services.   Read more

  • Write-Down

    In accounting, write-down describes the reduction in the book value of an asset when the asset's fair market value (FMV) has dropped below the carrying book value; it becomes an impaired asset.   Read more

  • Write-Up

    A write-up means an increase in the book value of an asset as its carrying value is higher than the fair market value.   Read more

    Savings wealth management

  • Deposit Interest Rate

    The deposit interest rate is paid by a bank or financial institutions to account holders who have deposited with them.   Read more

  • Easement

    An easement, or easement arrangement, is a term describing a situation in which one party uses another party's property, where a fee is charged to the property's owner in exchange for the easement rights.   Read more

  • Half-Life

    Half-life is a terminology used to represent a future date when half of the overall principle of mortgage-backed security (MBS) or any other kind of bond or debt will be getting paid.   Read more

  • Joint Account

    A joint account is a bank account, which is shared by two or more individuals.   Read more

  • Heatmap

    Heatmaps are two-dimensional (2D) visible representation of information, which uses colours.   Read more

  • Landlocked

    “Landlocked”, in the real estate sense, refers to a piece of property that has no direct legal access road, except an adjacent lot.   Read more

Related Terms


  • Prospectus

    A prospectus is defined as a legal document describing a company’s securities that have been put on sale.   Read more

  • Tax Planning

    Tax planning is the process of analysing a financial plan or a situation from a tax perspective.   Read more

  • Bonus Issue

    A bonus issue is an offer given to the existing shareholders of the company to subscribe for additional shares.   Read more

  • Shariah-Compliant Funds

    Shariah-compliant funds are funds that follow the principles of Shariah law.   Read more

  • Yield

    Yield or bond yield points to the returns provided and realised by an investor on his investment over a given timeframe.   Read more

  • Green Levy

    Green levy seeks to encourage corporations to adopt eco-friendly technologies.   Read more


  • Closed Economy

    A closed economy is one that does not swap their trading with outside economies.   Read more

  • Marginal Rate of Technical Substitution

    The marginal rate of technical substitution (MRTS) is an economic theory that describes the rate at which one factor will decrease to be able to maintain the same level of efficiency when another factor rises.   Read more

  • Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

    Gross domestic product (GDP) is a monetary indicator of the market value of all the final goods and services produced over a given period of time.   Read more

  • Reasonable Doubt

    Beyond a reasonable doubt is a substantive standard of proof which is required to justify a criminal conviction in most adversarial justice systems.   Read more

  • Labour Force Participation Rate

    The labour force participation rate is the portion of the working population in the 16-64 years' age group in the economy currently in employment or seeking employment.   Read more

  • Supranational

    A supranational entity is an international group or alliance in which member states' power and influence transcend national boundaries or interests to engage in decision-making and to vote on collective body matters.   Read more

    Personal Finance

  • Cost of Funds

    The cost of funds is the interest rate that financial institutions are paying on the funds they use in their business.   Read more

  • Forensic Audit

    A forensic audit is an analysis and review of the financial records of a company or person to extract facts, which can be used in a court of law.   Read more

  • Retirement Benefits

    Retirement and pension benefits are given to a retired government official to make sure that they have a constant income and a secured life.   Read more

  • Consumption Smoothing

    Consumption smoothing refers to a process of achieving a balance between spending for today's needs and saving for the future.   Read more

  • Showrooming

    Showrooming refers to the practice of checking out a product in a retail store before buying it from online retailers.   Read more

  • Average Propensity to Consume

    The average propensity to consume can be referred to as the percentage of income spent on goods and services by an individual.   Read more


  • Dividend Distribution Tax (DDT)

    An equity shareholder receives a dividend, which is the return of the profits earned by the company in a particular year.   Read more

  • Input Tax Credit

    Input tax credit refers to the mechanism of claiming a reduction of tax paid on the inputs of a business or profession.   Read more

  • GST Rate

    Since the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) regime, there has been broad speculation about the GST rate slabs.   Read more

  • GST Returns

    Every law requires that the registered person file the return in a certain format and within the period specified in the specific law.   Read more

  • Cascading Effect

    One of the primary goals of a taxation system involves stopping the "taxation over taxes" or "cascading-effect" of incident taxes.   Read more

  • Supply Under GST

    Under Goods and Services Tax (GST), supply is viewed as a taxable case for tax charges.   Read more


  • Web 2.0

    Web 2.   Read more

  • Cost Structure

    A cost structure means the types and relative proportions of fixed and variable costs incurred by the business.   Read more

  • Sole Proprietorship

    A sole proprietorship is a business form or structure under which a business can be carried on.   Read more

  • Marketing Mix

    The marketing mix refers to a set of actions or tactics used by a company for brand promotion in the market.   Read more

  • Network Marketing

    Network marketing, which is also known as multi-level marketing, is a business model that includes a pyramid-structured network of individuals selling goods from a company.   Read more

  • Brand

    A brand is a sign, label, logo, name, word, and/or sentence which companies use to differentiate between their products and others'.   Read more


  • Spot Market

    A spot market is where financial instruments are exchanged for immediate delivery, such as commodities, currencies, and securities.   Read more

  • Riding the Yield Curve

    It is a trading strategy which includes buying and selling of a long-term bond before it matures in order to benefit from the declining yield which occurs over the life of a bond.   Read more

  • Beneficial Owner

    A beneficial owner is an individual who gets to enjoy ownership benefits even though the title to some form of the property is in the name of another individual.   Read more

  • Relative Strength

    Relative strength is a calculation of the price trend of a stock or a financial instrument in comparison to another instrument, stock, or industry.   Read more

  • Ulcer Index (UI)

    The Ulcer Index (UI) is an indicator that calculates downside risk in terms of price declines both in magnitude and length.   Read more

  • Prop Shop

    A prop-shop is a trading company that deploys its own resources to generate profits from trading.   Read more

    Corporate finance and accounting

  • Inflation Accounting

    Inflation accounting is a unique method used to weigh on the published statistics of multinational firms in the effects of soaring or plummeting prices of products in some areas of the world.   Read more

  • Statutory Audit

    A statutory audit is a legally required check of the accuracy of the financial statements and records of a company or government.   Read more

  • Statistics

    Statistics is a class of mathematical study which will use representations, quantified models, and synopses for a given set of real-life studies and experimental data.   Read more

  • Operating Revenue

    Operating revenue refers to the revenue generated by a company from its primary activities.   Read more

  • Escalator Clause

    An escalator clause is also known as an escalation clause, where the provision allows for an automatic increase in the wages or prices.   Read more

  • Agency Problem

    The agency problem is a scenario of a conflict of interest which is inherent in all relations wherein one party is anticipated to operate in the best interests of another party.   Read more

    Savings wealth management

  • Warranty Deed

    A warranty deed is a document sometimes used in real estate, which offers the buyer of property the greatest amount of insurance.   Read more

  • Zero-balance account

    There are numerous benefits of having a deposit with the bank.   Read more

  • Provident Fund (PF)

    A provident fund is a government-managed, mandatory retirement savings scheme used in India, Singapore, and other developing nations.   Read more

  • Joint Account

    A joint account is a bank account, which is shared by two or more individuals.   Read more

  • Senior Citizens Saving Scheme (SCSS)

    The Senior Citizens Savings Scheme (SCSS) was implemented with the main objective of providing daily income for senior citizens in the country after they hit the age of 60 years.   Read more

  • Land

    The land refers to a property or real estate, except buildings and facilities allocated by fixed spatial boundaries.   Read more