Brain Drain

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Brain drain is a term which indicates a significant movement (emigration) of knowledgeable individuals from a country or an organisation. Brain drain may result from internal conflicts or troubles within a country or company.

Generally, brain drain results when professionals receive better offers from another organisation, and they feel it is best to move from the professional growth and development point of view. Better offer, here, means that they will be entitled to a higher pay along with additional perks and benefits or upward movement in their career.

Also, the brain drain from the viewpoint of countries happens when individuals find an opportunity to work in a much-developed country.

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India loses out many skilled individuals every year when they seek better opportunities in the west and middle-east. Brain drain is highly prevalent in underdeveloped and developing countries. Individuals from these countries emigrate to those countries where there are better opportunities. However, the brain drain is not restricted only to an underdeveloped country.

Why Brain Drain is Important?

Brain drain results in a country losing skilled individuals. It takes years of hard work and is never guaranteed to replace the same. Hence, the government should ensure that qualified individuals are given the right opportunities and treatment so that there are no brain drains and its repercussions.

Industry Impact

A brain drain from any sector will impact its industry significantly. For instance, if IT employees in a particular country get lucrative offers from another country, there would be emigration of such individuals. This will erode the workforce in the home country, and the industry will fall short of human resources and can result in decreased production. This will result in an economic crisis and can have long-term effects.


Brain drain can be due to talented individuals finding a better opportunity in a different country/company. Sometimes, the brain drain can be due to dropping standard of living in the home country or organisation. Brain drain will result in a particular sector of a country or organisation losing out the required expertise.

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