Wordpress (CMS)

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Basically, a content management system (CMS) is a software that enables individuals to create, edit, organise, and publish content to the Internet. WordPress is one such content management system that allows you to create and publish content to the web. Though it is mostly used for web publishing, it can be used to release content to an intranet or to a single computer.

What is WordPress?

The free and opensource WordPress version was launched in 2003. It has an active developer community, which has created various plugins, themes, and widgets that can quicken the process of launching websites.

Versions of WordPress

There are two versions of WordPress available: 1. Hosted WordPress: WordPress offers hosted WordPress-powered websites to make it easy for anybody to start building a website. A fee will be charged based on the features and storage required.

2. WordPress Platform: The latest versions of WordPress can be downloaded from WordPress.org for free and installed on a private server. Consumers can get technical and community support on the forums.

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