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Simplifying financial lives of Indians

We collaborate with
Banks, Governments, Enterprises and CA Firms





Our products are used by Individuals, small and medium businesses and very large enterprises. Our software is used from a paan-ki-dukaan to enterprises with 2,00,000+ employees. We have a strong consumer tech ethos of building products. We are fans of #Slack (We believe in consumerization of enterprise grade products).

ClearTax impacts a million tax payers today
and that number keeps growing every year!

Tools & Technology

ClearTax serves hundreds of thousands users. Performance considerations under huge spikes makes our lives interesting!
We use a range of programming languages: Functional programming (F#), Java and C#, Python, Javascript. We use both SQL and noSQL databases.

React JS
Meteor JS
Node JS

Our Team

Our team is a small group of very strong engineers. The founders are programmers. Some of the things we enjoy are PL theory, systems, Android (design and internals), functional programming.
Outside of work we enjoy motorbiking, craft beers, craft coffee and teas, gardening, gaming, anime, movies, outdoor sports etc. We have internal tech talks every week where people volunteer and present ideas.

Join our team

Most of us started out wih zero knowledge of finance / taxes. You don't need to know anything about finance / taxes to start working here. We are to solve fundamental problems consumers and businesses face.

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