L&T Liquid Fund Direct Plan Growth Option - Latest NAV ₹2822.796, Returns, Performance & Portfolio

L&T Liquid Fund Direct Plan Growth Option

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Min amount: ₹1,000

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Rs. 1,000 invested monthly becomes Rs. 4.79 Lakhs in a period of 20 years

Fund Summarystar

PeriodReturns(per year)
10 Years--
5 Years6.26%
3 Years5.7%
1 Year3.49%
6 Months1.56%
Fund Details
RiskLow to Moderate Risk
Fund TypeLiquid
Exit Load0.007% for 1 Days

More about this fundstar

Top HoldingsWeightage
364 DTB 270520217.35%
364 DTB 220420214.43%
91 DTB 030620214.41%
182 DTB 290420214.28%
364 DTB 290420213.69%
91 DTB 060520213.68%
364 DTB 130520213.68%
91 DTB 290420212.95%
364 DTB 100620212.5%
364 DTB 030620212.2%

About L&T Liquid Fund - Direct Plan - Growth

The L&T Liquid Fund - Direct Plan - Growth aims to offer regular income, by investing in a mix of government securities, corporate bonds and money market instruments. The fund manager focuses on government securities, to maximise return during favourable interest rate movements, and money market instruments for regular income.

Pros and Cons of L&T Liquid Fund - Direct Plan - Growth

L&T Liquid Fund - Direct Plan - Growth focuses on a mix of government securities and corporate bonds, to maximise return for the investors. The fund manager invests in low-risk securities to generate regular income. On the flip side, the fund invests in government securities and is susceptible to high interest rates.

Fund Information and Statistics

i) Inception/Launch Date

L&T Liquid Fund was launched on 01 January 2013.

ii) Risk Level

L&T Mutual Fund has categorised L&T Liquid Fund as a 'low risk' fund.

iii) Redemption

L&T Liquid Fund is open-ended and you may redeem your investment at any time.

iv) Fund Manager

Mr Jalpan Shah and Mr Shriram Ramanathan are the current fund managers of L&T Liquid Fund.

v) Entry/Exit Load

SEBI norms have stopped mutual funds from levying an entry load. You have the exit load charged as shown below.

For redemption made within one day: 0.0070% For redemption made within two days: 0.0065% For redemption made within three days: 0.0060% For redemption made within four days: 0.0055% For redemption made within five days: 0.0050% For redemption made within six days: 0.0045%

About L&T Mutual Fund

L&T Mutual Fund was established in 1996, after registering with SEBI or the Securities and Exchange Board of India. It is the capital market regulator in India. It has L&T Finance Holdings Limited as the sponsor, and L&T Mutual Fund Trustee Limited as its trustee. As of September 2020, the fund had assets under management (AUM) of a massive Rs 63,057 crore.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Min amount: ₹1,000

Calculate Returns

Rs. 1,000 invested monthly becomes Rs. 4.79 Lakhs in a period of 20 years
Low to Moderate Risk

All investments come with risk. Risk is the volatility or fluctuation in the price (and returns) of the investment. Usually,

  • High Risk = High possible returns
  • Low Risk = Stable, relatively lower returns