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www.gst.gov.in is the Government’s GST website, widely known as the GST Portal/ GSTN portal, which facilitates many kinds of services for taxpayers right from obtaining GST registration, traversing through GST Return filing, application for refunds, and applying for cancellation of GST Registration.
The importance of GST regime is tax administration by a strong backing of technology. This means that taxpayers will no longer be required to visit the tax departments in person for assessments and submit applications or returns, although facilitation centres are present across India. The GST website allows all communications to be done on it including responding to applications, rejecting or approving the applications or intimating notices by the department and responding to the same by taxpayers.  

Latest Update!

  • The due date to file GSTR-3B for the month of January 2019 is extended to 22nd February 2019.(For the state of Jammu & Kashmir due date is extended up to 28th February 2019)

  • The latest meeting-33rd GST Council meeting was rescheduled on 24th February 2019 from earlier date 20th February 2019.

    It was chaired by the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. Real estate was in limelight.

    This is the first one after the Interim Budget 2019.

    The GST rates were slashed on the under-construction houses without ITC benefit; No changes to GST Rate on lottery or Cement.

  • Important changes brought about on the portal with effect from 5th Jan 2019, summary here.
  • A tile ‘TDS/TCS Credit received’ is enabled on the dashboard after logging into the GST portal. Registered taxpayers can now file ‘TDS/TCS credit received’ to avail the credit of the TCS deducted on their GSTIN.
  • Users can file RFD-01A for multiple months in a single window.

Contents on the gst.gov.in Homepage

a. Before Logging in
b. After Login

  The layout of the home page of the GST portal before logging in looks like follows : GST 1   ​

a. Before Logging in

1. Services 

gst portal  The services section contains GST registration link. A person whose turnover exceeds the threshold-Rs 20 lakhs is required to register under GST. Refer to our article having step by step guide on ‘How to register for GST online’.You can apply for GST Registration online and also ‘Track Application Status’ on the GST portal.   The service tab also has other user services like GST Challan Creation, Locate GST Practitioner, Track your Refund Application Status using the ARN number.    

2. GST Law

CGST Act and Rules, SGST Act and Rules and all other acts and rules relevant to GST are available for download on GST Portal. Also, the Latest notifications, amendments & Circulars around GST can be accessed under the GST law tab.

3. Download

This link is for GST offline tools – The government has both online and offline methods to file GST Returns. The download tab provides the offline utility of the GST forms and returns as follows: gst portal  

4. Search Taxpayer

You can search taxpayer GSTIN or PAN to verify the details of the taxpayer or GSTINs registered under the PAN. This feature is available on the home page and also after logging in. Also, search for a composition dealer who has Opted In or Opted out of the scheme by entering either the GSTIN or the State from which he is registered.

5. Help 

The help section contains many how-to guides, system requirements for various GST processes, User-manuals, Videos and FAQ’s have been made available to the user to resolve any doubt in return filing process, GST registration, etc.

6. E-way bill system

The E-way bill system section guides you to the e-way bill portal. You can also access FAQs, User manual on the e-way bill portal.

7. News | Updates | Events

On scrolling down you can see all GST news like the change in due dates and change in processes are updated in this section. Updates on rates are also posted here   gst portal

8. Important Dates

In the ‘Important Dates’ section, the upcoming GST returns deadlines are notified for the users. Any change in the notified dates can be seen here. gst portal   Here is the compliance calendar for January 2019: gst dates   ​

b. After Login

The contents in the home page of the GST portal after you logging are as follows :

1. Dashboard

Dashboard section appears on the screen once you log in to GST portal. You can access your profile, notice(s), order(s) in one click on this dashboard page. Also, the taxpayer can file returns or create tax payment challan from this screen. gst portal  

2. Services

Apart from the services offered before login, the GST portal provides you with a long list of services once you logging.   a. Under the registration tab, you will additionally get :   gst portal   b. Under Ledgers tab, you can access the following :   gst portal   c. Under the returns tab, you can explore the following options :   gst portal   d. Under the payment tab, you will find these :   gst portal   e. After login, you have access to following list of services:   gst portal   f. Lastly, under the refunds tab, you will have the below options to choose:   GST PORTAL   Rest of the tab Like GST law, Search taxpayers, Help section and e-way bill system offers you the same options even after logging to the GST portal.    

Quick view of Services provided on GST Portal ( gst.gov.in login ) once logged in

A registered user can log in to www.gst.gov.in   Once a user logs in these are the services available to a user. Click on the service to see the detailed guide.
  1. Application for Registration for Normal Taxpayer, ISD, Casual Dealer
  2. Application for GST Practitioner
  3. Opting for Composition Scheme (GST CMP-02)
  4. Stock intimation for Composition Dealers (GST CMP-03)
  5. Opting out of Composition Scheme (GST CMP-04)
  6. Filing GST Returns
  7. Payment of GST
  8. Filing Table 6A of GSTR-1 (Export Refund)
  9. Claim Refund of excess GST paid (RFD-01)
  10. Transition Forms (TRAN-1, TRAN-2, TRAN-3)
  11. Viewing E-Ledgers
  12. Furnish Letter of Undertaking(LUT) (RFD-11)
Other than the above changing core and non-core fields, browsing notices received, filing ITC Forms, Engage/ Disengage GST Practitioner are some of the other services provided by the GST Portal/ GSTN.

How to register on www.gst.gov.in?

Every person is required to register for GST when the turnover exceeds Rs 20 lakh. This is required to be done on GST portal. It is very easy to register on gst.gov.in. It is a simple 11 Step process to register on Government GST portal.

How can ClearTax help you?

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