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GSTIN Registration
  • Auto-generate GSTR-9 in minutes
  • Download GSTR-1, 2A, 3B, data for all months in one click
  • Reconcile filed returns with books with click of a button
  • Get expert Advisory
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How does CA assisted plan work?
ClearTax CAs will help you with preparation of the documents to filing income tax returns for you. We also advise best tax saving investments.
Purchase Plan
Purchase the relevant tax filing plan on our website
Upload Documents
Upload required documents to your ClearTax account
Talk to your CA
ClearTax assigns a tax expert to you who would flle returns on your behalf
Preparation & Filing
Income tax return is prepared & filed by the CA
ClearTax has more than 25 lakh individuals and 25,000 CA firms filing tax returns on our platform. Here’s what they have say about us.
I was facing problems in getting my GST registration but with the help of ClearTax, I got my GST Registration in flat 2 days time. Moreover, I am using their absolutely FREE online software to prepare my GST compliant Invoices and various GST Returns. I can say ClearTax is a place where anyone can get all Tax related solutions.
Arup Kumar Ghosh
Invoicing on ClearTax is very easy for a person without subject knowledge, as one can still create, manage and print bills online easily. ClearTax GST also has payment and stock tracking feature now all at one place. I can use ClearTax GST anywhere, any time which makes working very convenient.
Ms. Rimi Banerjee
Benefits of using ClearTax
Accurate & Tax
We auto-import information from your Form 16/ Form 26AS & process your tax return with guided assistance throughout the filing process.
No more visits to Tax
A fully-online service means no need to visit Tax Consultant office. You can also Track your e-filing through ClearTax.
Save Taxes &
Build Wealth
Our experts will assist you with tax saving investments based on your tax records. Exclusive access to Tools & Guides to assist you on your financial journey.
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Amazon does not mandate sellers to avail services only for ClearTax. While ClearTax has communicated to us about providing the offer for Amazon sellers, ClearTAx is a third party service provider and independent of Amazon. Sellers are free to choose any other third party service provider or otherwise complete GST registration as required under law.