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Board minutes refers to instant notes or take away pointers of any meeting or a hearing in court. Events or protocols are recorded (either on a computer, paper, or even on audio) to be referred upon at a later stage. A board minute is to be treated as a legal and official record of the meeting, attended by all the board members of a company. Board members are a group of individuals that are elected to represent the company, and take decisions on major company issues.



Board minutes should be accurate and can be considered as a legal evidence in the court of law. It has to be transcripted (written down) or worded in a simple manner. Some of the companies even audio-record board minutes for accuracy. Notes of a board meeting can be used to solve issues in a company and to deploy better management skills for the betterment of any company.

The details that a board minutes should capture are:

  • Precise mention of the date and time of the meeting
  • If it was a special meeting (to discuss a particular subject) or a regular, periodic meeting
  • If the notice of the meeting was given to all the board members
  • The names and details of all the board members attending
  • Names of guests attending the meeting
  • If the agenda of the meeting was established
  • If the board members departed or re-entered the meeting
  • All the board actions (to capture all the approvals, delegations of authority, directives from the meeting)
  • If the voting in meeting was done in fair manner and if all the members present exercised their vote
  • If all the alternatives, decisions, and directives of the issue were considered
  • All the action plan, resolved issues, and future plans are discussed in the meeting
  • Summary of important points
  • If all the members of the board were present at the meeting
  • And other important actions of the meeting
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