Tata Mutual Fund – Latest NAV, Tata MF Performance & Returns 2021

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Strictly adhering to a value-based investment methodology, Tata Asset Management Company has always delivered consistent returns across multiple asset classes. You can see how they have covered investors from low to high risk and investment profiles.

In this article on, we will cover all about Tata mutual funds and how to invest in them.

  1. What are TATA Mutual Funds?
  2. How to invest in TATA Funds Via Cleartax?
  3. Best Mutual Funds from TATA Fund House
  4. About Tata Asset Management Company
  5. Top Fund Managers from Tata AMC
  6. Best TATA mutual fund schemes

1. TATA Mutual Funds

Tata mutual funds cater to investors from all walks of life – salaried, entrepreneurial, retirees, homemakers, first-timers and aggressive risk seekers among others. Their varying and flexible investment plans lay strong emphasis on long-term wealth creation and steady returns. These funds boast of distinct risk control and transparency. Hence, no matter your investment profile is, you will find your match(es) here.   

2. How to invest in TATA Funds through Cleartax

Cleartax is a registered mutual fund distributor and goes by the AMFI Registration Number ARN110027. With the aim of making investments simpler for Indians, every investor will find something suitable for him/her.

KYC Process with Cleartax

We have made the process much easier and quicker by making KYC a one-time thing. All you need to do is fill in the online form and upload the necessary documents. Hence, keep scanned copies of your ID proof and residential proof ready.  After completing the KYC formality, please choose a plan listed on Cleartax Invest page. You may invest a lump sum or go for Systematic Investment Plans(SIP). Finally, make the payment via debit or credit card, e-wallet or Netbanking. In fact, it takes less than 7 minutes to be an investor with us.  

3. Best Mutual Funds from TATA Fund House

a. Tata Retirement Savings Funds

It is never too early to plan for your retirement. Tata retirement savings fund can accommodate an investment horizon of up to 30 years. This means, you will reap maximum benefits if you start investing in your 20s.  
SL No Name of the fund Investment Objective Risks Returns (In 5 years)
1 Tata Retirement Savings Fund A retirement solution that lets you accumulate wealth for up to 30 years. Based on your risk profile, you can select progressive plan (85% and above equities), moderate plan (65% to 85% equities) and conservative plan (0% to 30% equities) Equity oriented – Moderately High Debt oriented – Low to medium risk Progressive – 18.01% Moderate – 18.79% Conservative – 10.06%

b. Tata Young Citizens Fund

Planning for your children’s future is important as cost of living shoots up by the day. So, parents are especially concerned about saving for their child’s higher studies and big-ticket expenses like marriages. This way, Tata Young Citizens Fund helps you earmark some money away regularly to accumulate into a corpus.  
SL No Name of the fund Investment Objective Risks Returns (In 5 years)
1 Tata Young Citizens Fund To plan finances so that you have enough money to fund your child’s life milestones when the time comes. Here too, you can choose equity-oriented plan with 65% to 85% equities or debt-oriented with 15% to 35% equities Equity oriented – Moderately High Debt oriented – Low to medium 9.37%

c. Tata Equity Funds

With strong potential to generate supreme returns, people with more risk tolerance prefer equity funds. Tata Equity Funds keep in mind investors’ preferences of when, where and how they want to invest.
SL No Name of the fund Investment Objective Risks Returns (In 5 years)
1 Tata Large-cap Equity Fund Aims for long-term capital appreciation by investing in established large enterprises (and mid-cap companies) Moderately High 14.87%
2 Diversified Equity Fund Tata Equity Savings Fund Moderately High 6.50%
Tata Equity PE Fund Moderately High 22.60%
Tata Equity Multicap Fund  Moderately High
3 Mid cap Equity Fund Tata Mid Cap Growth Fund Moderately High 21.24%
4 Sectoral Equity Fund Tata Banking & Financial Services Fund – Incepted in 2015, this fund invests in equities of financial companies like banks, NBFCs and MFIs etc High NA
Tata Digital India Fund – Launched in 2015, they aim for long term wealth growth by investing in equities of IT sector companies. High NA
Tata Ethical Fund – An open-ended and diversified equity plan designed as per Shariah rules. Delivers capital gains by capitalizing on value and growth-oriented companies. High 13.56%
Tata India Consumer Fund – Started in 2015, they aim for wealth appreciation by investing in equities of automobile, textile, media houses, entertainment and consumer durables and FMCG industry. High NA
Tata India Pharma & healthcare Fund – Launched in 2015, it aims for long term wealth by investing mainly in equities of pharmaceuticals and healthcare companies.   High NA
Tata Infrastructure Fund – Started in 2004 to capitalize on the infrastructure sector as they have potential for long-term value growth. Invests in sectors which have the potential of creating long term value. High 15.99%
Tata Resources & Energy Fund – Incepted in 2015, it aims for long term wealth creation by investing mainly in equities of companies in the resources – cement, paper, fertilizers, chemicals, metals, energy etc. High NA
5 Tata Small cap Fund Incepted in Oct 2018, this fund aims to make long-term wealth by mainly investing in equities and equity related instruments of small cap companies. Moderately High NA
6 Tata Index Fund Tata Index Nifty Fund Moderately High 12.50%
Tata Index Sensex Fund Moderately High 12.18%

d. Tata Tax-saving Equity Funds

This fund has been in operation for more than 20 years. Hence, its proven track record makes this a popular scheme, thanks to its double benefits of tax-saving and wealth building. 
SL No Name of the fund Investment Objective Risks Returns (In 5 years)
1 Tata India Tax Savings Fund (ELSS) The only tax saving mutual fund Tata offers, it has been in market since 1996. Moderately High 18.16%

e. Tata Debt Funds

If you are an investor seeking moderate returns in a safe investment avenue, you may consider any of the Tata debt funds below.
SL No Name of the fund Investment Objective Risks Returns (In 5 years)
1 Tata Liquid Fund A safe place to park your funds for quick and easy access, especially for emergencies. Hence, returns tend to be on the lower side. These are generally short-term deposits. Low 7.94%
2 Tata Short-term Funds Tata Corporate Bond Fund Moderate 7.09%
Tata Money Market Fund Moderately Low 7.55%
Tata Short Term Bond Fund Moderately Low 7.22%
Tata Treasury Advantage Fund Moderately Low 8.14%
3 Tata Income Fund Tata Medium Term Fund – Invests in different fixed income securities to make regular returns. Therefore, the investors investment and credit history are important parameters.   Moderate 7.16
Tata Income Fund – Potential to make accrual income and tax-efficient capital gains. Moderate 7.59%
4 Tata Dynamic Bond Fund A fund that manages and invests in tandem with varying interest rates and tenures. However, it all rides on the expertise of fund manager. Moderate 7.94%
5 Tata Gilt Securities Fund This govt securities delivers accrued income and long-term wealth. So, it is ideal for those who seek schemes with nominal credit risk. Moderate 7.78%

f. Tata Hybrid Fund

Exploring the possibilities of both equity and debt securities, Tata Hybrid Fund has managed to deliver supreme returns consistently. Hence, it is a safe bet for those who prefer moderately safe investment avenues
SL No Name of the fund Investment Objective Risks Returns (In 5 years)
1 Tata Hybrid Equity Fund Aims for an ideal mix of long-term wealth building & earning potential by investing in select equities and debt instruments. Moderately High 14.81%

4. About Tata Asset Management Company

Tata Mutual Funds comes from a top-valued brand name and is one of the most prominent asset management companies in India. As Indians have tremendous trust in the Tata brand, their mutual fund products too were and continue to be well-received.  

5. Top Fund Managers from Tata AMC

a. Sonam Udasi

A known name in the Equities Research field, he oversees multiple equities schemes by Tata. He has won many accolades for fund management in his 20-year career.

b. Ennette Fernandes

Currently an Assistant Fund Manager at Tata backed by a decade-long career, Ms. Ennette mainly manages Tata Large Cap Fund, Retirement Funds, ELSS and Tata Young Citizens’ Fund among others.

c. Murthy Nagarajan

Heading the Fixed Income Funds Department at Tata AMC, Mr. Nagarajan has 20 years of experience in the arena. He is in charge of some of the debt schemes and fixed income funds. 

6. Best TATA mutual fund schemes

Tata Income
Tata Med Term
Tata Equity P/E
Tata Liquid
Tata Ethical
Tata Large Cap