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Top 5 Preferred Tax-Saving Options by Indians

Tax is inevitable, saving is optional. There are many tax-saving avenues the Indian Income Class rely on – Fixed Deposits, Public Provident Fund and NPS to name a few. A strong and relatively new contender to join the bandwagon is the ELSS, the only tax-saving mutual fund.
Investment Returns Lock-in Period Tax on Returns
5-Year Bank Fixed Deposit 6% to 7% 5 years Yes
Public Provident Fund (PPF) 7% to 8% 15 years No
National Savings Certificate 7% to 8% 5 years Yes
National Pension System (NPS) 8% to 10% Till Retirement Partially Taxable
ELSS Funds 15% to 18% 3 years Partially Taxable
In the table above, you can see that ELSS has higher potential to deliver almost double the returns. This, even after the Budget 2018’s introduction of 10% LTCG tax on their returns! It is all about making the smartest choice.

ELSS – a SMART way to grow wealth while saving taxes.

Start Small | Lowest Lock-in | 15 to 18% past returns

Maximize your returns on tax-saving investment

ELSS stands for Equity-linked Savings Schemes. You can invest up to Rs 1,50,000 in this scheme (either as a one-time investment or SIP instalments) to lower your overall tax liability. This tax-savings option is available under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
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Aditya Birla Sun Life Tax Relief 96

ELSS (Tax Savings)

DSP Tax Saver Fund

ELSS (Tax Savings)

Axis Long Term Equity Fund

ELSS (Tax Savings)


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So, why lose out on tax-savings when you
can save up to Rs. 46,800 every year?



Deductions allowed under the IT Act

Did you know that there are several other ways in which you can save taxes?

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions

01 What are the benefits of investing in tax-saving mutual funds?
Investments in tax-saving mutual funds, also known as Equity Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS), can get you a tax break of up to ₹1.5 lakh under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.
02 Why should I choose ELSS over other tax-saving investments?
In comparison to other tax-saving investments, ELSS funds come with the lowest lock-in period of only 3 years. Additionally, these are equity mutual funds, which means they have the ability to earn high returns over the long-term.
03 Do ELSS funds have additional tax benefits?
Tax-saving mutual funds come with the dual benefit of tax saving and wealth creation. They help you not only save taxes but build wealth over the long-term as well because these mutual funds invest primarily in equities and earn higher returns than traditional tax-saving investments like PPF, FDs and NSC.
04 How should I select mutual funds to invest in?
After rigorous modelling, we choose the right mix of funds that is best suited for your needs. We look at fund’s past returns, fund manager’s performance, it’s consistency, performance against its peers among other things to shortlist the funds.
05 Who gets the money that I invest through ClearTax?
Your money goes directly to the accounts of the mutual funds that you invest in. it does not come to ClearTax. At the time of redemption, the money will be transferred by the fund company and deposited directly to your bank account.
06 How much does ClearTax charge?
ClearTax is completely free for you. We do not charge any commission from our users. We get a commission from funds that help us keep our service free and high quality.
07 Will my money gets locked in when I invest in ELSS funds?
Not only ELSS funds but all tax-saving investments also come with a lock-in period. But tax-saving mutual funds have the lowest lock-in period of only 3 years. In comparison, PPF has a lock-in of 15 years, while NPS and EPF require you to be invested till you retire.
08 What are SIPs?
SIPs are Systematic Investment Plans where money is deducted from your bank account and invested automatically. With a SIP, you’re able to purchase fund units at different levels of the market and benefit from rupee cost averaging.
09 How to redeem the investment?
You can withdraw your investments anytime from your ClearTax Investment Dashboard. After redemption, the money is usually transferred to your registered bank account directly in 3 working days. Tax saving funds (ELSS) have a 3 year lock-in after which you can redeem.
10 Is it safe to invest via ClearTax?
ClearTax is registered with the Association of mutual funds (AMFI) under ARN code: ARN110027. Your investments made through ClearTax are 100% genuine. All data and transactions are protected with 128-bit encryption.
11 Can I invest more later?
Yes of course. You can make additional investments anytime from your investment dashboard. Pay from your registered bank account using net banking or debit card.
12 Why are SIPs said to be better than lump sum investments?
Using a SIP, you’re able to invest regularly every month. By spreading out your investment like this, instead of investing the whole amount in one go, you can cushion yourself from catching a market peak. Furthermore, SIPs also provide the benefit of getting into a habit of saving and investing every month.

ELSS – a SMART way to grow wealth while saving taxes.

Start Small | Lowest Lock-in | 15 to 18% past returns