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Features That Make your Work Easy

What Makes ClearTDS the Leading Financial Software for CAs and Tax Experts

Generate TDS Returns Online

We offer support for Form 24Q (Salary TDS), Form 26Q (Non Salary TDS), Form 27Q (NRI TDS) and Form 27EQ (TCS). Generate your FVU file with a few simple clicks.

File e-TDS Return Online

Skip the line at TIN-FC and file your TDS return online via the ClearTDS dashboard. All you have to do is upload the TDS return and our team will take care of the rest.

Powerful In-Dashboard Reporting and Analytics

The ClearTDS dashboard comes equipped with next generation reporting technology. It helps identify under utilized challans, flags late payments and short deductions and also reports penalties on late 3CD. ClearTDS helps you save upto 60% of the money you spend on TDS returns.

Generate 1000s of Form-16s in One-Go

ClearTDS quickly prepares TDS returns and Form 16 using a Excel-like Interface. No software installation required & it allows you to access data from anywhere, anytime.

Import all Deductor Data from Excel

Simple and familiar Excel-like interface gets you started quickly without any new learning curve. Use our reliable Excel templates and fill in all your information.

Automatically Generate Form 16 Online

From your ClearTDS dashboard, you can create Form 16s from start to end. Auto-import Form 16 Part A data from TRACES, auto-create Form 16 part B, merge and digitally sign and directly send to employee or deductee. You can generate 1000s of Form 16s in one-click with ClearTDS’s financial software.

Completely Cloud Based

No financial software installation required. Works directly from your browser. Just login to your dashboard from home, office or travel and start working.

Rich User Interface

Simple to navigate, even if you’re new to working with income tax returns online. If you’re ever stuck on any step, we have many tutorials to help you out.

PAN Validation and Verification on Cloud

Alot of mistakes happen in payroll and those mistakes are transferred to the TDS returns. With ClearTDS, you can identify mistakes in payroll before generating TDS returns. We help you validate all vendor and 26Q PANs, by checking against the PAN card database. Try our platform and save time!

Automatic Data Backup

All the data of your previous filing is always available on cloud. Download, check and edit your data from anywhere with secure back-ups.

Safe and Secure

With bank grade network security (256-bit SSL), security audits and the best practices in industry-wide security, we keep your data safe.

Try the Early Warning Module

ClearTDS is run with artificial intelligence that helps the website identify and flag errors even before they become errors. It helps you identify late deductions, avoid clerical errors in 24Q and PAN validation. Are you ready for the most intelligent financial software in India?

Super Fast Software

Our TDS filing software is completely cloud-based and extremely fast. No additional downloads or installations are necessary - you can get to work wherever you are.

File Income Tax Returns Online

We help you prepare & file income tax returns for all your deductors online. Our TDS software supports filing of ITR 1-6 forms & automatically chooses the right form for you.

24x7 365 Days Customer Service

Have any queries or complaints? Reach out to us at or 011 3959 5559 and be assured of a response within one business day.

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