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Early Identification of Mistakes

Mistakes are common in Payroll. Avoid
Carrying them into your TDS Returns

Verify and Validate all PANs

Do you Work in a Distributed Setup?
Make Sure all your Vendor & 26Q PANs are Valid

Quickly Verify all PAN Numbers

  • ClearTDS Checks PAN numbers against the
    Universal PAN Database for Correctness
  • ClearTDS tells you which PANs are Valid or Invalid
  • So you can Correct PAN Records On-the-Spot
ClearTDS: PAN Validation Tool

Pricing Plans

For first 10 Credits

11 to 100 Credits

101 to 500 Credits

501 to 1000 Credits

For 1000+ Credits

Happy to serve you for FREE

Rs. 30 per PAN

Rs.20 per PAN

Rs.15 per PAN

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