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Under Utilized Challans

Save tons of money with ClearTDS flagging
under utilized challans from last 2 years

Did you know that 70% of the deductors have
at least Rs.15000 unconsumed in unused challans?

Late Payments & Short Deductions

ClearTDS flags these notices and penalties before
they happen so you can correct proactively

Short deductions are your biggest source of notices and
penalties ClearTDS helps you identify them beforehand

Structured Branch-wise TDS on Form 26Q

Save your money by identifying which branches
get the most notice and correction statements

By identifying the above you can reduce
upto 60% of the money you spend on TDS

Reporting for Form 24Q (TDS on Salary)

Get alerts on penalty reporting for 3CD
as well as late deposit of TDS reports

Directly get the details on your ClearTDS dashboard
to help you save precious money and time.

"ClearTDS pays for itself by what you save in
under consumed challans"

No Need to Switch from your Current TDS Software.
Use ClearTDS's Next Generation Reporting Independently


Just import your conso file
into the ClearTDS dashboard


The ClearTDS software analyses
and generates a detailed report


Now you can download
your detailed TDS report


Advance Reporting and
Analytics Module

Rs. 15,000

Per Annum

Keep a track of all your returns. Generate customized reports

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