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How to import your Consolidated file from TRACES

Step 1: Download your Conso File from TRACES

Login to TRACES here.

From the Statements / Payments tab at the top, select the option Request for Conso File.

View and Edit Challans in TDS Return Details

Fill in the Financial Year, Quarter and Form Type.

TRACES Financial Year, Quarter and Form Type

Click Go to proceed to the Authentication screen.

TRACES authentication screen

Fill in your Authentication Code if you already have one. Your Authentication Code is valid for one calendar day. If you do not have an Authentication Code, you will be required to verify your eTDS return details to generate one.

If you had created the original return using ClearTDS, you can easily copy-paste these details. Login to ClearTDS and select the Deductor you wish to work on. You will be redirected to your Dashboard. Scroll down to the Forms section and click on Verification data for TRACES.

Forms Section Verification Data for TRACES

Copy these details and fill them on TRACES.

Verification Data for TRACES

After filling in the details and generating your Authentication Code, you will now be redirected to the Request Number Screen and given a request number. You can save this for later use. Now click on the Downloads tab at the top and select the Requested Downloads option.

TRACES requested downloads

Now you can select the Consolidated file that you wish to download by filling in your request number, which you have saved from before.

TRACES file requested for download screen

You have two download options - HTTP Download, which is preferred for small files, and Download Manager, which you can use if the download file is large and your Internet speed is slow. Remember to keep track of the location where you've saved your Conso file.

If you still have doubts about the process, contact us or check out the tutorial from TRACES on how to download your Conso file.

Step 2: Import your Consolidated File on to ClearTDS

Go to your Dashboard on ClearTDS. Scroll down to the Correction Statements section. Click on Prepare Correction Statement.

Import more deductees from a Consolidated TDS file

Browse for and upload your Consolidated File from your computer - if it is in a .zip file, remember to unzip it before you upload. The password to open the .zip file is "TAN of the Deductor_Latest request number of the respective form and quarter available in TRACES website". Ex: ABCD12345A_21212

How to upload the Consolidated File on ClearTDS

That's it! You're done. You can now make whatever modifications you need to make. You do not need to worry about the mode of correction (C1, C2, etc) — ClearTDS automatically figures out the correction modes and prepares your FVU file for you.