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How Clear Library Helps in Practice?

Useful Resource for Tax Consultants
If you are a CA, a tax practitioner or an advocate, you can refer to the Clear Library to get extensive information on direct and indirect tax acts, rules, and case laws.
Updates Available at a Click of a Button
You can get notifications on the latest updates, news, and amendments and read press releases available in our Clear Library.
Ready Reference Source for Business & SME
A valuable reference for Business & SME’s who can refer to our Clear Library for compliance and know about various taxation laws.
Individuals kit
It is simple, no data entries, just drag and drop
It is accurate, designed by tax experts
Invest in mutual funds hand picked by experts via Black app
DIY. File any ITR in under 6 minutes for free.
From the convenience of home or office, through any device with secure logins.
Switch between our web or desktop app based on your convenience
2-7% tax savings with smart reconciliation and reports
G1 to G9C, all returns made at least 3x faster