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Ambiguity to clarity

We don’t have all the answers figured out yet. The problems we are solving are beyond our current expertise, which is motivating to us. We are looking for people who are comfortable solving problems which don’t have straight-forward solutions. This enables incredible growth for people joining ClearTax.

divya_yadav apostrophe

“I have so much pride for being part of the amazing journey of Clear. After 4 years, I am still excited about the problems I am solving and this energy is contagious and keeps me coming back every day.”

Divya Yadav

Product Manager
surbhi apostrophe

“I have contributed in product, business and marketing during the last 5 years. I was always given the freedom to innovate and fail and felt like this job was no different from an entrepreneurial stint. I feel I am growing with the company every day.”

Surbhi Punshi

Indirect Tax Expert

Be an Intrapreneur

You will find answers, innovate and manage your own outcomes. In most cases, our teams start with a blank slate and build a solution which iterates to scale. We encourage you to entrepreneur your product or business by wearing multiple hats if necessary. Some of our defining products are built by rookie engineers (or interns).

Build for the long term

Every decision we take is based on a framework which allows long term objectives to take priority over short term wins. This enables us to be worthy of the trust of our customers and employees.

saswat_patra apostrophe

“Initially I started out with building point solutions but as we grew in scale, we constantly asked ourselves, “Is this solution robust, reliable and scalable?”. We don’t let short term results affect the long term value and trust associated with our products.”

Saswat Patra

Software Engineer

Our values


Put customers first

We want to build products that our customers love. Our teams obsess about the customers right from the start and keep iterating on the basis of feedback.


Earn Trust

Our customer’s trust is the keystone to our business and we strive to earn it each day. It is their trust that motivates us to push the envelope and do better.


Think big

Our mission is bold, so our dreams need to be big too. Even when we tackle small tasks, we do it because they unlock bigger things.


Own the problem

We believe in extreme ownership demonstrated by committing to the problem, wearing multiple hats, fixing what is broken and sometimes doing the untold.


Raise the bar every day

After each problem you solve, raise the ambition for the next one. Practice extraordinary commitment to the problem and raise the bar for others.


Come, join us

If you share our mission, we would love to hear from you.


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