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10 times faster, 100% accurate with Inbuilt intelligence

  • Integration with source/ERP systems
  • Built in Intelligence like Eway bill criteria, distance calculation
  • 100+ Validations to avoid making mistakes such as HSN, Rate of Tax etc
  • Reconciliation of the Sales(GSTR-1) & E-way Bill
  • Warehouse level access control
  • Dashboards and Reports for Centralized View
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Challenges faced by Businesses on E-Way Bill

  • Repeat entry of data – every bill generated needs separate entry for e-way bill generation
  • Multiple logins – different states will have different warehouses and hence it would need multiple logins to be linked with the centralized invoicing system
  • Validations Missing and all errors thrown post Json created which wastes a lot of time
  • No intelligence and Reports (Data download only for a day)
  • Bulk bill generation, – activities like bulk vehicle no. update, bulk printing not possible
  • Changes during transit – with delay during transit, all the data has to be punched again

Why use ClearTax EWayBill Software?


  • Integration with source/ERP systems – Tally, Busy, SAP, oracle
  • Centralise login to avoid login multiple time for different State
  • Branch level Access control for EWB generation from different warehouses
  • Bulk updation of vehicle number for the invoices Issued
  • Easy Regeneration of the E-way bill. (For Eg: Expiry of the Validity Period)
  • Easy process to generate consolidated EWB
  • Customized workflow for transporters to generate consolidated e-way bill


  • Validations which will stop you from making mistakes.For eg: HSN, Rate of Tax etc
  • Validation of invoice data against up-to-date GST rules to comply with GSTR-1
  • Accurate estimation of e-way bill validity based on the distance to be traveled
  • Synchronization of master data with source ERP systems to avoid errors


  • Intelligence which E-Way bill criterias and auto E-Way generation to avoid miss
  • Intelligence on which invoice needs E-way Bill as well as pincode based calculator
  • Reconciliation of the Sales(GSTR-1) and E-way Bill
  • Dashboard with analytics and other related reports

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