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Updated on: Friday, 16 February, 2024

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The Clear GST number search tool helps you with GSTIN verification and to check the validity of a GST Identification Number (GSTIN) on the internet free of cost. Clear’s GST search tool also allows any person to verify the GSTIN authenticity with a single click for easily spotting fake GSTIN. Read on to know more on how to easily do a GST search online and check GST number of any business.

What is GSTIN?

GSTIN is the GST identification number or GST number. A GSTIN is a 15-digit PAN-based unique identification number allotted to every registered person under GST. As a GST-registered dealer, you might want to do a GST verification before entering it into your GST Returns. You can use the GST number check tool to do GST number (GSTIN) verification.

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There can be multiple GSTINs for a single person with a PAN, being an assessee under the Income Tax Act. A GSTIN is obtained for every state or Union Territory from which such a person operates. It becomes compulsory to obtain GSTIN when the person crosses the threshold limit for GST registration by registering himself under GST.

Unlike the previous indirect tax regime where multiple registration numbers were present for different laws such as Excise, Service Tax and VAT, GSTIN is a single registration number under GST.

Why is it necessary to verify the GST Number?

A GSTIN or GST number is public information. GST search by name is an important task that every business dealing with GST-registered taxpayers must carry out to ensure the authenticity of the vendor and the GSTIN or GST number being used in the invoice.

You can partly verify the GSTIN or GST number on the first look by checking if the vendor’s PAN number matches with the digits between 3 and 10 in the GSTIN.

It is also necessary to carry out a thorough check of the GSTIN authenticity to avoid generating incorrect invoices and e-invoices, to claim a genuine input tax credit, and to pass on the tax credits to rightful buyers, to mention a few.

Clear’s GSTIN number search tool enables you to verify a GSTIN with a click of a button from anywhere and anytime. Search for a GST number before you proceed with a business contract. Use Clear’s GSTIN verification tool and GST Search to verify GSTIN or verify the GST number in a jiffy!

GST Identification Number Format

Before you proceed to undertake a GST number check, check out if the GSTIN is in the format below. If a GSTIN is not in this format, then it is not a valid GST number.

Format for GSTIN

GSTIN structure comprises

  • First 2 numbers → State code of the registered person
  • Next 10 characters → PAN of the registered person
  • Next number→ Entity number of the same PAN
  • Next character → Alphabet Z by default
  • Last number → Check code which may be alpha or digit, used for detection of errors

What is the ClearTax GST Number Search Tool?

The Clear GST Search Tool and GSTIN Validator enable businesses to verify any GSTIN with a single-click GSTIN search. Most importantly, the tool helps verify GSTIN authenticity and in spotting fake GSTINs. This feature can be used by anyone free of cost, provided they have the requisite GSTIN on hand.

You must validate the GST number to avoid doing business with any fake GSTINs in the market. Our GST number search tool comes in handy during such times. Hence, you and your team can carry on business without any disruption or delays or vendor follow-up.

How to use the ClearTax GST Number Search Tool and GSTIN Validator?

Verify GST Number online instantly. All you have to do is-

  • Step 1: Enter a valid GSTIN in the search box given at the top of the page.
  • Step 2: Click on the “Search” button. You will get the result.

If the GSTIN is correct, the following details can be verified-

  • The legal name of the business
  • Principal and additional places of business
  • The state of jurisdiction, including the Centre
  • Date of registration
  • Business constitution– company, sole-proprietor or partnership
  • Taxpayer type – regular taxpayer or composition dealer
  • GSTIN status / UIN status
  • Cancellation date, if applicable

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Once the GST number is verified and found correct, you can carry out billing and GST Return Filing seamlessly with the Clear GST Software.

What are the features of the Clear GSTIN Search Tool?

The Clear GSTIN Search Tool helps businesses to verify their suppliers’ and buyers’ GSTINs. The important features of the GSTIN Search tool include the following-

  • Instant GSTIN verification
  • GSTIN authenticity check
  • Verification of other details such as legal name, taxpayer type, the constitution of the business, etc.
  • Free of cost usage

How to complain about a fake GST number?

If you spot a fake GSTIN, you can always alert the GST authorities at or call them at +91 124 4688999 or +91 120 4888999, so that they can take the requisite action.

The GST portal has also provided taxpayers with a tool to find the list of GST registrations under a particular PAN. If a taxpayer finds any unknown registrations under their PAN, they can file a complaint with the GSTN through the following steps-

Step 1: Visit the GST portal. Click on the ‘Search taxpayer’ option, and then click on ‘ Search by PAN’.

Step 2: Enter the PAN. The list of GST registrations under the PAN will be displayed, along with the state and status of their registration.

Step 3: If there are any fake GST registrations on the list that you may not have taken, then you can report the same by clicking on the check box under the ‘Select to Report’ column. This step is crucial to ensure that these registrations are not used to carry out fake transactions.

(Please note that those GSTINs that have not been migrated properly from the erstwhile tax laws to GST cannot be reported,)

Step 4: A pop-up box will appear on the screen with the legal name auto-populated. The complainant will need to provide the requisite details for validation.

Step 5: Enter the OTP obtained on your email ID and mobile number to complete the verification process.

Step 6: Once the verification is done, the complainant needs to undertake e-KYC through Aadhaar verification and consent for GSTN authentication. These details will be used by the GSTN to file a report against the fake GST registration obtained through the PAN. To file the report, the data will be transmitted to the Central Identities Data Repository.

Step 7: Once the Aadhaar number is provided, the complainant will receive an OTP. The same needs to be entered to complete the second step of authentication. Click on ‘Ok’.

Please note that an ARN will be generated for each GSTIN reported. The complainant can track the status of the application through the ‘Track ARN’ option on the GST portal whichever is available pre-login.

Advantages of online GSTIN search & verification tool or GSTIN Validator

The benefits of GST number verification using the online GST Search tool are:

  • Checks the authenticity of any GSTIN
  • A GSTIN on a hand-written invoice can be verified easily, if unclear
  • You can prevent yourself from associating with vendors using fake GSTINs
  • Avoid a GSTIN fraud at the origin of the transaction
  • Help vendors correct any potential error in reporting GSTINs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to pay to get a GST number?

Registering under GST and obtaining a GSTIN or GST number is free of cost.

When will a GSTIN be allocated?

Once the GST registration application is processed successfully, the GST portal will allocate a 15-digit GSTIN to the applicant.

Is it mandatory to mention GSTIN on the invoices?

Yes, it is mandatory to mention GSTIN on all the invoices raised by a taxpayer. Also, the GST-registered person should display the GST registration certificate at all places of business.

How to get GST Identification Number?

To get GSTIN, one has to submit the Form GST REG-01 along with the required documents using the GST portal. After an officer performs a verification, GSTIN will be allocated to the applicant.

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What are the uses of GSTIN?

GSTIN is one of the prerequisites for starting a business. As per the GST law, GSTIN has to be displayed at all places of businesses of a registered individual. Also, it has to be quoted during the process of raising invoices, while generating e-way bills, during GST return filing, and during the submission of information to the tax department.

Can I hold multiple GSTINs or GST numbers?

If a business operates from more than one state, the taxpayer can hold separate GST registration for each state. For instance, If a textile company sells in Telangana and Delhi, it has to apply for separate GST registration in Telangana and Delhi respectively. So, you can hold multiple GST numbers. If you do a GST search, you can get the details of that GSTIN only.

Can we find the owner's name by GST number? / How to find the name from GST number

You can type in the GST number or GSTIN in the search tool as input. As a result, you will be displayed with the owner's name - Trade name and Legal name.

How to identify the GST number? / How do I check my GST number online?

You can identify the GST number by seeing if it meets the format notified as follows- The first 2 are numbers representing the State code of the taxpayer, and the following 10 characters represent the PAN. After that, the 13th is a digit representing the entity number of the same PAN, after which a character is alphabet Z by default. It ends with a digit being a check code which may be alpha or digit, used to detect errors. An easier way to check validity is to enter the GST number on hand in the search GST number tool to get accurate and instant results.

Can we find the GST number by name?

You can find the GST number by using the registered person's trade name or legal name. Enter this detail in our GST number search by name guide and get accurate and instant results.

Can we find the GST number by PAN?

You can find the GST number by using the PAN of the registered person to be searched. Enter this detail in our GST number search by PAN guide and get accurate and instant results.

How do I verify a GST number?

You can verify a GST number if it is correct and valid (or not expired) by using the Clear GST number search tool. Enter the GSTIN on hand and instantly get details about the taxpayer, buyer, or supplier. If the GST number is invalid, the search tool will display it as an invalid GST number.

How to find name from GST number?

You can input the GST number or GSTIN in the search tool. After that, the taxpayer's name, such as trade and legal names, gets displayed.

How to get company GST number?

Any GST number is public information. Every taxpayer must display this information at the business premises (primary place of business) and the tax invoice or bill of supply, as the case may be.

Can I verify GST number online instantly?

Yes, you can verify a GST number online instantly by using the ClearTax GST Number Search Tool here .

What is the importance of GSTIN?

Knowing a business' GST number is important for many reasons. For one, suppliers ought to quote the buyer's GSTIN correctly, so that the buyers can claim accurate input tax credit. Some of the other reasons include the accurate filing of GST returns, claiming of refunds, compliance with GST laws.

Can we get the company address from GSTIN?

To find out the address from a GSTIN, visit the GST portal at, and go to Search Taxpayer > Search by GSTIN/UIN. Enter the GSTIN and the verification code and click on ‘Search’.

How can you check whether the GSTIN number is active or not?

You can check whether a GSTIN is active by entering the GSTIN in the search box at the top of this page. Then click on “Search”. You will get the status of the GSTIN/UIN.

What GST details will I get after searching for the GST/GSTIN number via PAN?

You can use the Clear GST Number Search by PAN tool to search for a GST number via PAN. You will get the list of GSTINs under that particular PAN and their status (active or inactive). You can click on an individual GSTIN, where you get redirected back to this page and click on “Search” in order to get more information such as the business name, address, entity type, nature of business, etc.

How do you check if a company is GST registered?

Enter the GST number or name of the company using the Clear GST Number Search Tool and click on “Search”. If the company is GST registered, the GST registration details and GSTIN status will be displayed.

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