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"Ab udhaar nahi, business badhao"

What ‘Clear’ has to offer you?

What people are saying

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“Every month more than 100 customers buy goods from me on credit. I always missed reminding 2-3 customers and would remember only a couple of months later. By then, it impossible to recover. Now with automated reminders, there is no possibility of missing a single customer. Clear has helped me get rid of a major loss of revenue.”

Bikas Mishra

Garment wholesaler

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“Earlier I used to call multiple customers a lot of times to recover my udhaar. Then when they paid I had to track my bank account or messages for checking payments. Now I can send UPI links in reminders and customers can pay from home.”

Shalini Prasad

Printing goods supplier

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“Best thing about Clear is that I can look at all my customers and vendors along with their outstanding amounts at one go. I don't have to go through multiple bahi khata books or even calculate anything.”

Akash Sharma

Engineering materials manufacturer

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