What do you do when excess TDS is deducted from your income?

There can be several situations where excess TDS has been deducted on your income. Say when you don't submit your rent receipts to claim HRA or you did not submit your investments on time. So, how do you fix it?

You cannot ask for your money from your employer because he has already deposited it with the government. What do you do then?

File your income tax returns to claim a refund. Your employer will provide you with Form 16 carrying details of all the tax deducted at source. Prepare and e-file your return.

A refund is due from the government if the total TDS deducted is higher than your final tax liability.

The silver lining: You'll recieve an interest at 6% on the refund amount, should there be a delay in processing your refund. (The refund amount however should not exceed 10% of the total tax payable)

How can you ensure that excess TDS is not deducted again?

Plan your taxes in advance and invest in 80C deductions on time. And remember to submit investment proofs to the company.