How to Track GST Refund Status Online

GST Refund Status Online - After filing a GST refund application, here's how you can track the refund status pre and post-login to the GST account and update the bank account details.

FORM GST DRC-01A: Intimation of Tax Ascertained Payable

The proper officer will hereafter need to communicate details of tax, interest and penalty payable under sec.73 or 74 in Form GST DRC-01A.

ITC Reversal under GST

The Input Tax Credit (ITC) is to be reversed under various scenarios. The rules have been notified under the Act and know how to calculate ITC reversal.

Credit note Debit note Reporting under New GST Returns

Credit note & debit note in the new GST returns will have some changes in the way it was reported in GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B. Learn about the differences with example.

New MSME Act and its Effect on the Payment Cycle Under the New GST Returns

MSMED Act fixes a maximum credit period to pay MSME vendors. New GST returns allows small taxpayers to upload invoices by 11th of the month after quarter.

Forms under New GST Returns for claiming refund on Exports

GST Refund process for Exports of both goods & services will become better and seamless under New GST returns system. Know the forms, procedure and impact.

Amendments made in Credit notes, and Debit notes

Credit Notes, and Debit Notes require amendments or revisions too. The article will help understand how to make amendments to a Credit note or Debit note and report them in GSTR-1.

Issues in the New GST Return System

There are several challenges in the implementation of the new GST return system. The taxpayer has to use the latest technologies to overcome those issues.

E-Invoicing FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

The GST Council approved the introduction of e-Invoicing from 1st Jan, 2020 on a voluntary basis. Here are some (FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions on the e-Invoicing system under GST.

How to Calculate 20% Provisional ITC in FORM GSTR-3B as per the New CGST Rule

CBIC notified an important rule on GSTR-3B - Provisional ITC will hereafter be allowed only to the extent of 20% of eligible ITC reflected in the GSTR-2A.

Comparison Between the Old & New GST Return System – Miscellaneous

New GST returns have brought changes to the reporting of various particulars like using HSN codes, TDS, TCS for e-commerce operators and Advances received.

Comparison between Old and New GST returns – Refunds

Comparison of new GST returns with old/present returns for various refund types under GST. Know more about the reporting requirements under new GST returns

Comparison Between the Old & New GST Return System – Supplies from Special Economic Zo...

Compare between the old and new GST return system to know about changes in reporting of Supplies from Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

GSTR-9C – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the FAQs on Form GSTR-9C. Form GSTR-9C is a reconciliation statement to be filed by taxpayers whose turnover exceeds Rs.2 crore in a FY.

Comparison Between the Old & New GST Return System – Supplies Under Reverse Charge Mec...

Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM) comparison between old and new GST returns filing system, there are some changes in reporting supplies under reverse charge mechanism (RCM).

How to File FORM GSTR-9C?

Here are the steps to download the utility and generate the GSTR-9C JSON file offline, then upload and file form GSTR-9C on the GST portal.

Guide to Preparing Form GSTR-9C

Form GSTR-9C consists of two parts. Part A is the reconciliation statement, and Part B is certification. Here is a detailed guide to preparing Form GSTR-9C.

Vendor Payments – Is Holding Payments Justified For Not Filing GST Returns?

Here are the measures taxpayers can take to ensure that their vendors file their GST returns on time, under the new GST return system.

Comparison Analysis: Old vs New GST Return System – Reporting of Exports, Zero-rated Suppli...

Here are the key differences in reporting of exports, supplies to SEZ and deemed exports. Find the comparison between Old vs New GST Returns Filing System.

Comparison Between the Old & New GST Return System: Outward Supplies and Other Tax Liabilities

Compare old vs new GST return filing system, there are some additions and changes in reporting of outward supplies and tax liabilities.

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