RBI Monetary Policy of India 2019 – Objective, Monetary Framework & Monetary Policy

The main aim of the financial policy is to retain price stability while considering the goal of growth. Stability in price is a necessary prerequisite to sustainable growth.

All you need to know about Sovereign Wealth Funds

An Sovereign Wealth Fund ( SWF ) is an investment fund which is primarily owned by the National Government.

Why should you start your children’s education planning early?

How much to invest depends on the courses your children are interested in, and it also depends on the college/university in which they would study.

Best Investment Options for Pensioners and Senior Citizens

As an investor, you would expect your investment to provide you with a regular income as well as accumulate wealth post-retirement.

Top performing NPS schemes 2019

The NPS scheme allows individuals employed in the public and private sectors to invest in low-risk equity funds, security funds, or alternative investments with good returns.

Things to Consider While Switching to Direct Mutual Funds

Planning to switch your existing regular mutual fund portfolio to a direct mutual fund plan? You can choose to switch to direct mutual funds either online or in person.

This is How You Can Access Mutual Funds Statements Online

It is of utmost importance for you to know how your mutual funds are performing. For convenience, account statements are either sent to the recorded email address or can be sent through smartphone ...

Importance of Long-Term Investment in Mutual Funds

Investing with a long-term horizon is good in the long run. Compounded growth is a significant benefit of investing in mutual funds. Compounded interest is the interest on interest.

Major Advantages of Direct Funds

Since there is no brokerage or commission involved in direct funds, the expense ratio of direct funds would be lower than that of regular funds.

How Direct Funds Differ from Regular Funds?

irect funds are those funds for which the fund house don’t charge the distributor expenses, transaction charges, or trail fees.

Learn to choose your Hybrid Mutual Fund

A hybrid mutual fund invests in both debt and equity-linked instruments. These funds can further be classified based on their equity exposure.

NIIF ( National Investment and Infrastructure Fund ): India’s Sovereign Wealth Fund

The primary goal of setting up NIIF was to optimise the economic impact largely through investing in infrastructure-related projects.

Municipal Bonds : Definition, How They Work & Taxability

Municipal bonds are issued when a government body wants to raise funds for projects such as infra-related, roads, airports, railway stations, and schools.

Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) – What is IMPS Transfer, Timings, and Limit?

Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) is a service provided by banks to ensure real-time inter-bank funds transfer.Know more about What is IMPS Transfer, IMPS Payment, Timings & Limit

UPI – Frequently Asked Questions

When you transact with UPI payments, you may come across several questions and concerns. Here, we have resolved many major queries for you.

Virtual Payment Address (VPA)—What is VPA in UPI?

A Virtual Payment Address (VPA) is a unique identifier that helps UPI to track a person’s account. It acts as an ID independent of your bank account number and other details.

UPI – Services Available for Consumers

For those who are new to UPI, you must know that several services are available under the umbrella. Read here to know more about the services available.

UPI Registration – Steps to register to transfer funds instantly with UPI

Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) app and other UPI-enabled apps let you make simple, easy, and quick payments using the UPI technology. Just follow simple steps to register yourself with the app.

Real-Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)- Timings, Transfer Process, and Limit

Real-time gross settlement (RTGS) is a system that performs continuous real-time fund transfers.Know more about the What is RTGS fund transfer? & Benefits.

UPI: Unified Payments Interface – Instant mobile payments

Unified Payment Interface (UPI), the new payment mode, allows you to use your smartphones as a virtual debit card for instant payment.