Section 194M – TDS on payment to resident contractors and professionals

Union budget 2019 was presented on 5th July 2019. New section 194M was introduced in the Income tax act via finance bill 2019. Read here about section 194M.

Section 194D – TDS on Insurance Commission

The insurance commission received by such agents is subjected to Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) as dictated under Section 194D of the Income Tax Act.

TDS Refund – How to claim TDS Refund

A TDS Refund arises when the taxes paid by way of TDS are greater than the actual tax payable calculated for the Financial Year.

Tax Collected at Source ( TCS ) – Payment, Exemption & Rates

Tax collected at source ( TCS ) is the tax payable by a seller which he collects from the buyer at the time of sale. Let us know everything about TCS .

How to apply for TAN? – Acknowledgment & Payment Details

TAN stands for Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number, but what is it for? How do you apply for a TAN? Read more to know more about the payment details and Pointers for Filling Form 49B

Section 194J – Fees for professional or technical services

Under Section 194J payments towards fees for professional or technical services have TDS implications. Know more about the section 194J, its rate for deduction of tax, time of deduction, consequenc...

Form 16B – TDS Certificate for Sale of Property – Download from Traces

Form 16B is a TDS certificate issued by a buyer to a seller of house property for the TDS made. Read on to understand more of Form16B, procedure for filing, due date etc

Form 13 – Non-Deduction / Lower Deduction of TDS

There are certain circumstances where a taxpayer can pay lower taxes or no tax. In case the person who makes the payment has to deduct tax, then a process must be followed for lower deduction of ta...

How to get registration in TRACES?

Step by step guide to register in TRACES

How to validate certificate u/s 197?

How to validate the certificate u/s 197

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