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Along with the Salary Annexure of TDS return, you can also generate Form 16 (Part B) for your employees. ClearTDS helps you generate Part-B, it also helps to merge Part-A & Part-B if already generated. Here are the steps to generate Form-16. Step 1: Upload the Form-16 Part B – Excel template
  • Login to using your Tax Cloud Account
  • Add a new deductor (employer)
  • Click on “Generate Form-16”.
Capture Upload Form-16 Part-A text file or pdf file in 1.Part-A Details and Excel file or PDF file (if you already generated) in 2.Part-B Details. Capture   Step 2: Select the Template for Coverage: Go to next page and Select the cover page template which you want. CaptureEnter the Company name and select “Company Logo” which you wanted to reflect in Form-16. Capture Step 3: Select the File name format and Generate Form-16: Click on “Next” and Select the File name format and finally click “Generate” to generate the Form-16. Capture The Zip file of Form-16’s will be generated successfully.