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Create Professional Invoices

Save time by easily creating & managing thousands of invoices at once


Inventory count on tap

Manage inventory levels, set reorder points and save your losses due to stock out


Payment Tracking Simplified

No more stress and messy paperwork. Know your dues, pay on time and avoid late payment interest

Invoice, Inventory, Payment Tracking
All at one place

  • Create, print and share your GST compliant invoices
  • Manage stock levels and never go out of stock
  • Track dues to vendors and avoid late interest

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Create Professional GST Invoices

  • Create GST Compliant Invoices, Avoid Penalty
  • Items & Contact Directory- Create once use for ages
  • Easily File GSTR Using Invoices Created

Payment Tracking Simplified

  • Track customer/vendor balances and dues
  • Tag single payment with multiple invoices
  • Easily Access Data- anywhere, anytime


Inventory count on tap

  • Real time view of inventory
  • Alerts for items running low in stock
  • Audit log of stocks added & issued
  • Quick & detailed reports

5,00,000 Businesses trust ClearTax for their GST Filing & Invoicing needs

Our entire traders’ group was clueless about how to get ready for GST. The pre-printed manual bills couldn’t work any longer. A friend suggested ClearTax GST. The software is easy to use and I am loving its billing feature. I am telling all my friends to give a shot to ClearTax GST. It’s smart and easy.

-Ankit Jaiswal

Working on a cloud based GST software is great. There is no hardware cost. Just signup and start working. Also, I can access the software from anywhere even if I am not in the office. Looking forward to the new features release. Great product!

-Ramachandran Chari

ClearTax GST helps me manage my business better than ever before. My accountant and other colleagues can access business data easily. No need to transfer files. I love its user interface. Will recommend it to all businessmen in my circle.

-Aditi Godbole

FAQs (Frequently asked Questions)

  • What is a GST Compliant Invoice?
    A GST Compliant invoice is that which has all the fields required as per GST act and rules. Eg: Invoice date, Invoice number (maximum 16 alphanumeric digits with slashes and dashes only), Taxable Value, HSN/SAC code, Item Description etc.
  • How can I create your company branded invoice?
    You can create a company branded invoice by attaching a logo of your company to the invoice
  • How can I share your invoices with your customers?
    You can either save your invoice as a pdf file (send a soft copy) or take a print of the invoice and send a hard copy to your customer
  • How can I file for GST when I create invoices using CT?
    As and when you start preparing invoices on ClearTax, simultaneously your GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B data starts getting prepared on ClearTax ready to be uploaded to the Government portal. You can view this under the returns section on the ClearTax GST software
  • How can I record payments for Invoices generated?
    Choose the invoice where you want to record payments. Click on the orange “Payments” button on the top left of the invoice, fill in the details there and then click on “Save”.
  • How will I benefit from the Payment Tracking feature?
    Benefits are, you can:
    • Keep a track of balances which is lying in the customer and vendor account.
    • See invoice level status for paid / unpaid and partially paid invoices.
    • Bulk update payments on multiple invoices
  • Who will benefit from Stock Tracking feature?
    All businesses for whom stock management is of highest priority
  • What reports will be available to me?
    • Vendor Balance Report
    • Customer Balance Report
    • Sales Report
    • Purchase Report
    • Stock Management Report