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A leading real estate tech marketplace now generates lakh of invoices per month with Clear e-commerce invoicing
An end-to-end automated, cost saving and integrated invoicing engine
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An e-commerce company unlocks crores of additional ITC matching
Achieved a whopping ITC matching level of 92% matching INR 60 crore ITC!
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Manufacturing giant's e-invoice data transformation at scale
Without ERP integration, annually saved 600+ person hours in e-invoicing!
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A heavy industrials firm ensured compliance while migrating ERP
A 100% business continuity and complied with unique 5-point approach.
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How a Japanese MNC moved from Big 4 to Clear despite a global ask
Bringing down time taken for GST compliance from 3-4 days to 1.5 hours!
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How India’s largest PSU unlocked extra ITC matching with Clear
Achieved INR 270 Cr of more ITC matches & monthly saved 20-30 person hours!
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A 100 year old conglomerate with six ERPs quickly integrated for e-Invoicing
Achieved real-time e-invoicing set up in a record 15 days!
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How an automobile MNC automated their GST & e-Way Bill compliance
Monthly reconciles 1 lakh invoices in just 4 hrs with a matching of +90%!
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How a French cosmetics MNC got entire dealer ecosystem compliant
Integrated with DMS for 900 dealers, improving forward chain productivity.
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