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After much hype, the government’s portal for GST compliance is finally live and open for business registrations. Here is a first look and quick guide for the GST portal.

The GST portal is hosted at and so far only registrations are enabled on it. Existing taxpayers or new businesses can apply to register and submit the required documents. All the existing registered taxpayers will be granted provisional registration initially and would be required to submit additional documents within 6 months.

ClearTax Guide on the GST Portal

This time authorities have also provided a video tutorial for users to understand the functionality of the portal. This is a 20-minute self-running video tutorial, which will perhaps be one of the most useful resources for taxpayers to understand the system. Click here to watch GST video based tutorial.

In case you still have doubts over the navigation, you may refer to the user manual, wherein all the functionalities are explained in detail. Click here to read the user manual for the portal.

You can also check the system requirements to run this portal on your individual machine. So in case if you are struggling to browse the website on your system, or if it is not loading correctly on your web browser, you may refer this system requirement page.

And finally, if you still have queries left, you may refer to the FAQ section here, which contains a comprehensive list of questions and answers thereof.


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