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A series of whitepapers on India’s major indirect tax reforms spanning GST, e-Invoicing and e-Way Bills.

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Basics and applicability
of the e-invoicing system
New to e-invoicing?
Here is everything you need to know about India’s latest reform.
How to integrate
your ERP for
Understand the importance and benefits or ERP integration for e-invoicing, with real-world client insights.
Best practices for
an efficient
e-invoicing system
All the do’s and don’ts to avoid operational hassles in implementing an efficient e-invoicing system
E-invoicing integration with GST returns & the
e-way bill system
A detailed guide on the data flows between the e-invoicing system, GST returns, and the e-way bill system.
Unifying e-invoicing and e-Way bills for easier compliances
A strategy for more effective operations by integrating two major indirect tax compliance's
e-invoicing and e-way bills.
e-invoicing to streamline business
A detailed list of all the business operations that can be streamlined by leveraging the e-invoicing system.
All About the QRMP Scheme Under GST
A detailed guide on eligibility, opting in, due dates, payments, and challenges faced with solutions.

Guide to an Effective Annual GST
A guide on the importance, benefits, areas covered, sources, and steps to perform an annual GST reconciliation.
Best Practices for 100% Accurate ITC Claims
Understand input tax credit (ITC) eligibility and rules and follow these best practices for 100% accurate ITC claims.
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