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Saikat Roy
Income Tax & International Taxation Expert

Webinar 3 : Understand taxes when there are multiple sources of income.

A comprehensive webinar on everything ITR-4

Time : 2:00 pm
Duration : 1 Hour
Date : 30th March 2024

It’s not the same-old same-old

This webinar is about new and expert ways to plan your taxes.

Beyond the obvious

Grasp lesser-known investment tools that significantly reduce your tax burden.


Personalized strategies

tailor-made to your income and investments



on deduction rules and implications. Minus all the jargon


Live Q&A

Get all your burning questions answered by seasoned professionals.


Plan like a pro!

Here’s what you learn:

1. Decoding ITR-4

Understand the nuances of different income sources, and the rules that apply to them.

2. Capital Gains

Deep dive into deductions related to Capital Gains. Expert insights on navigating Capital Gain taxes.

3. Presumptive taxation

Know all about presumptive incomes for small businesses and professionals.

4. Focus on crypto-currency

Basics of crypto-currency taxation, and the latest updates in related tax laws.

Emerge with more money in your pocket.
Emerge confident about doing your taxes on your own.
Emerge informed about alternate investment avenues.

Join curious,
emerge victorious!

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