IDFC Mutual Fund – Latest NAV, IDFC MF Performance, Scheme & Returns 2021

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The IDFC Asset Management Company Limited was publicly incorporated in 2000 with its headquarters in Mumbai. It is a privately owned investment entity. The company offers its services to retail and institutional investors having a strong internal research wing. IDFC AMC Limited is a subsidiary of the IDFC Financial Holding Company, with the Corporate Identification Number (CIN) as U65993MH1999PLC123191 and registration number as 123191. The government of India incorporated IDFC Ltd. in 1997 as a financier and a catalyst for the private sector’s role in the development of infrastructure in India.
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Table of Content

  1. About IDFC Mutual Funds
  2. How to invest in IDFC Funds
  3. Top 5 IDFC Funds
  4. Top 5 IDFC Debt Funds
  5. Top 5 IDFC Hybrid Funds
  6. Fund Managers
  7. Best IDFC Mutual Fund Schemes

1. About IDFC Mutual Funds

IDFC has earned a prominent space in the realm of private sector diversified financial institutions. It was established with the sponsorship and support of the Government of India with its major shares held by the Government of India, International Finance Corporation, AIG, Government of Singapore, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, etc. The company also has the following financial institution as its owners: LIC, HDFC, IDBI, SBI. IDFC Mutual Fund has Infrastructure Development Finance Company Limited as its sponsor, the latter also being the settler of the MF Trust. As a leading provider of a diversified range of financial products, IDFC’s services extend to Investment banking, advisory services, asset management, along with working with the government and regulators in India. IDFC also partakes in the formulation of policies and regulatory frameworks that pertain to private investments and public-private association towards developing the infrastructure.

2. How to invest in IDFC Funds

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a. Process and documents required to invest in IDFC mutual funds via ClearTax


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3. Top 5 IDFC Funds

Top 5 IDFC Mutual Funds 1yr 3yr 5yr 10yr
IDFC All Seasons Bond Fund-Regular Plan 3.46 6.66 7.74 7.80
DFC Arbitrage Fund-Regular Plan 5.99 6.03 7.01 6.99
IDFC Asset Allocation Fund – Aggressive Plan – Regular Plan 0.01 7.46 11.34
IDFC Asset Allocation Fund – Conservative Plan – Regular Plan 3.15 7.06 9.49 1.01
IDFC Asset Allocation Fund – Moderate Plan – Regular Plan 1.97 7.32 10.39

4. Top 5 IDFC Debt Funds

The IDFC Debt Fund is curated with the aim to offer tax saving benefits to investors while also generating medium returns. The fund is safe and more reliable than equity and equity-related securities.
Debt Fund Name Risk 5-yr Return Objective
IDFC Government Securities Fund – Constant Maturity Plan Moderate 8.69 The funds aim to generate optimal returns alongside high liquidity through its investments in Government securities.
IDFC Government Securities Fund – IP Moderate 8.21 The prime objective of the scheme is to generate optimal returns along with high liquidity through investments in Government Securities.
IDFC Low Duration Fund Moderately Low 8.25 The scheme seeks to invest in high-quality money market and debt instruments to generate returns through accrual income.
IDFC Dynamic Bond Fund-Regular Plan Moderate 8.01 This fund aims to generate optimal returns by actively managing the portfolio and investing in debt and money market instruments across various maturities
IDFC Bond Fund – Short Term Plan Moderately Low 7.75 The objective of the scheme is to invest in a diversified portfolio comprising debt and money market securities. The aim is to generate optimal returns over the short run so that the Macaulay duration of the portfolio lies between 1 year and 3 years

5. Top 5 IDFC Hybrid Funds

The IDFC Hybrid Funds are designed to give investors with returns that are risk adjusted. These schemes invest in a mix of equities and fixed income instruments to optimize on the growth potential. They also offer a fair amount of stability to the investment.
Hybrid Fund Name Risk 5-yr Return Objective
IDFC Dynamic Equity Fund Moderately High (3 yr return 6.61) The primary objective of this scheme is the generation of long-term capital appreciation with lower volatility through the systematic allocation of funds
IDFC Asset Allocation Fund of Funds – Aggressive Plan Moderately High 11.34 The investment objective of this scheme is to generate capital appreciation by investing in diverse mutual fund schemes, mainly in local funds that are based on a certain asset allocation model.
IDFC Asset Allocation Fund of Funds- Moderate Plan Moderately High 10.39 The main objective of this scheme is the generation of capital appreciation through investments in diverse mutual fund schemes.
IDFC Equity Savings Fund (Formerly Known as IDFC Arbitrage Plus Fund) Moderate 6.19 The objective of this scheme is the generation of income, which can be absolute to low volatility returns. This is done by taking advantage of the opportunities in the cash and the derivative areas of the equity markets which includes the arbitrage opportunities present within the derivative segment, by means of using other derivative based strategies.  The balance is invested in the debt and money market instruments.
IDFC Asset Allocation Fund of Funds- Conservative Plan Moderate 9.49 The investment objective of this fund is to offer diversification across all asset classes and generate a combination of capital appreciation and income. It invests primarily in equity funds and debt funds based on a well-defined asset allocation model.

6. Fund Managers IDFC Asset Management Company

IDFC has built a strong team of financial experts with its extended association with some of the biggest financial institutions in India. The management has a proven track record of reading the market trends and identifying investment prospects. The fund house has managed to achieve optimal returns and maintained its legacy over the course of time.

I. Mr. Anoop Bhaskar

Mr. Bhaskar is the Head of Equity at IDFC Asset Management Company Limited and brings with him extensive experience in the area of mutual funds. He joined IDFC Asset Management Company in 2016 and has been in the industry for over 27 years.

II. Mr. Suyash Choudhary

With 16 years worth of experience in the area of Fixed Income Investments, Mr. Choudhary heads the Fixed Income Division at the IDFC Asset Management Company Limited.

III. Mr. Hemant Agrawal

Mr. Agrawal heads the IDFC Asset Management Company Limited’s operations division and oversees the Customer Servicing department as well. A Chartered Accountant, he has over 20 years of experience.

7. Best IDFC Mutual Fund Schemes

IDFC Banking & PSU Debt Fund
IDFC Regular Savings
IDFC Dynamic Equity
IDFC Corporate Bond
IDFC Bond Inc
IDFC Credit Risk
IDFC Hybrid Equity
IDFC Equity Savings
IDFC Bond – Short Term Plan
IDFC Dynamic Bond
IDFC Low Duration
IDFC Core Equity
IDFC Multi Cap
IDFC Focused Equity
IDFC All Seasons Bond
IDFC Money Manager
IDFC Gov Sec – Constant Maturity
IDFC Money Manager
IDFC Bond Inc
IDFC Sterling Value
IDFC Nifty
IDFC Asset Allocation FOF Moderate
IDFC Ultra Short Term
IDFC Tax Advantage (ELSS) Fund
IDFC Gov Sec Inv
IDFC Large Cap
IDFC Infrastructure
IDFC Arbitrage