Kotak Mutual Fund – Best Schemes, Kotak MF NAV, Performance & Returns 2021

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Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Co Ltd is one of the premier financial institutions in India. It has entered the industry in 1998 when Indians were relatively new to mutual funds. It was part of their endeavors to offer people 100% financial solutions. In this article on Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund, we will cover every mutual fund product they offer.
  1. What are Kotak Mahindra Mutual Funds?
  2. How to invest in Kotak Mahindra Funds?
  3. KYC Process through Cleartax
  4. What are the documents required?
  5. Why invest in Kotak Mutual Funds
  6. Top mutual funds offered by Kotak Mahindra
  7. About the fund house
  8. Top fund managers at Kotak Mahindra AMC
  9. Best Kotak Mahindra mutual fund schemes

1. Kotak Mahindra Mutual Funds

With diverse and flexible fund products, Kotak Mahindra funds cater to investors from varying income backgrounds, risk appetites and investment goals. The AMC emphasizes on long-term wealth growth and/or low-risk income-generating funds No matter what your financial aim, you will find a suitable product with Kotak Mahindra. Be it a short-term dream like buying a vehicle or a holiday or long-term goal like purchasing a home or retirement planning! Some invest in small-cap while the others bet on mid-cap or large-cap companies. However, a few schemes also invests in multi-cap companies to diversify risks. This way, you can pick your portfolio accordingly.

2. How to invest in Kotak Mahindra Mutual Funds

As a SEBI and AMFI approved mutual fund distributor, Cleartax makes it easy for you to buy regular plans from Kotak Mahindra. Cleartax only asks for one-time KYC process. Hence, ours is a dependable online portal to find hand-picked funds and customized plans that match your financial goals and risk appetite. It doesn’t take more than 7 minutes to choose a suitable plan and invest. ClearTax offers you an easy and simple process in 4 steps. i: Go to Cleartax Invest page. ii: Click on the fund(s) and enter how much you want to invest monthly/quarterly/annually. iii: Enter the personal info in respective columns. iv: Pay online by card or NetBanking – the entire process takes less than 7 minutes.  

3. KYC process through Cleartax

KYC or Know Your Customer is an important and RBI-mandated procedure. One must complete it for almost every financial transaction in India. This helps government to curb money laundering as well as track tax compliance. So, we have made the process way simpler than banks and AMCs.   You can opt for Aadhaar-based KYC. In this, you enter the OTP received in your Aadhaar-registered mobile number and verify. Then, upload the scanned copies of your documents on our Cleartax Invest portal  

4. Documents required to invest via Cleartax

a. ID Proof

Photocopy of PAN Card, Voter ID, Aadhaar Card, Passport or Driving License. We also accept other central government-approved documents like NREGA job card and Senior Citizen Card.

b. Residential Proof

You can use any of the aforementioned ID proofs except PAN, if the address on it is your current address. Rental/lease agreement, most recent utility bill and ration card can also serve the purpose. If your permanent address and correspondence address are different, then submit proof for both.  

5. Benefits of Kotak Mahindra Funds

  • Boasts of huge value of assets under management (AuM)
  • All funds under the purview of reputed asset managers
  • Invests mainly in AA and AAA rated companies
  • Options to avail tax relief under Section 80C
  • Products that cater to people with different risk profiles (from low-risk debt schemes to volatile equity schemes)

6. Top Kotak Mahindra Funds

a. Kotak Mahindra Equity Funds

Kotak’s equity schemes have exclusively picked around 60 companies with high potential. They have ventured into global markets aside from domestic market.  
SL No Name of the fund Investment Objective Risks Returns (In 5 years)
1 Kotak Bluechip Fund Open-ended equity plan that aims long-term wealth creation and mainly invests in equities and equity-related instruments of large cap companies Moderately High 16.18%
2 Kotak Standard Multicap Fund Open-ended scheme to make long-term wealth by investing in equities focused on carefully chosen sectors (multicap) Moderately High 21.05%
3 Kotak Emerging Equity Scheme Aims long-term wealth by investing mainly in equities and equity-oriented securities of midcap companies Moderately High 27.49%
4 Kotak Equity Opportunities Fund Open-ended growth fund seeks to deliver a big corpus by investing in a mix of large and midcap equities across different sectors Moderately High 18.33%
5 Kotak Small Cap Fund Growth fund that aims long-term wealth by investing mainly in equities and equity-oriented securities of small cap companies Moderately High 23.84%
6 Kotak Equity Savings Fund Open-ended fund aiming for wealth creation as well as income. Invests in arbitrage opportunities (money and derivatives segment of market) and improve returns with a reasonable exposure to equity Moderately High 8.18% (3 years)
7 Kotak Global Emerging Market Fund Open-ended scheme to deliver long-term wealth by capitalizing in a global mutual fund. Puts money in a diversified portfolio of securities as per SEBI guidelines. Moderately High 3.89%

b. Kotak Mahindra Tax-saving Equity Funds

Kotak offers you a chance to utilize maximum 80C tax deduction while building on long-term wealth. Subsequently, it has earned a good track record as can be seen in the below table.
SL No Name of the fund Investment Objective Risks Returns (In 5 years)
1 Kotak Tax Saver The only open-ended ELSS offered by Kotak. With 3-year lock-in period, it aims to create long-term wealth Moderately High 19.21%

c. Kotak Mahindra Debt Funds

The best part of investing in any Kotak debt scheme is their ability to make good returns (better than FDs) while offering liquidity. They manage this by retaining minor equity exposure.
SL No Name of the fund Investment Objective Risks Returns (In 5 years)
1 Kotak Medium Term Fund Makes steady income while managing small capital appreciation. Invests in a mix of money market securities and mid-term debt schemes Moderate 7.65% (3 years)
2 Kotak Bond Invests in a mix of money market securities, bonds, government securities and debentures of different maturity periods – this lowers the risks. Moderate 7.49%
3 Kotak Bond Short Term Fund A highly liquid scheme that promises good returns. Invests in bonds, treasury bills, government securities, debentures, CDs and commercial papers. Moderately Low 7.82%
4 Kotak Banking and PSU Debt Fund Make regular income from debt and money market instruments from banks, Municipal Bonds, PSUs, PFIs and govt-issued securities (including sovereign securities) Moderately Low 8.03%
5 Kotak Credit Risk Fund An open-ended debt fund that mainly invests in debt and money market instruments across the yield curve. Focuses on corporate securities rated AA rated and below. It offers some liquidity. Moderately Low 8.69%
6 Kotak Dynamic Bond Fund Open-ended scheme that aims to earn maximum returns through investing in a mix of debt and money market instruments Moderately Low 8.49%
7 Kotak Mahindra Gilt Unit Scheme – 98 Investment Plan An open-ended gilt fund to earn low-risk returns. Usually invests in Govt-issued sovereign securities Moderate 8.44%

d. Kotak Mahindra Hybrid Fund

By mixing the best traits of equity and debt schemes optimally, Kotak’s balanced funds attract people with medium risk tolerance. It’s aim is long-term wealth while striving for capital protection.
SL No Name of the fund Investment Objective Risks Returns (In 5 years)
1 Kotak Equity Hybrid Fund Open-ended balanced fund to attain growth by investing mostly in equities and the rest in debt and money market securities. Moderately High 12.11%
2 Kotak Debt Hybrid Fund Here, monthly income is paid out only if distributable income is available in surplus. It manages this by investing mainly in debt securities and the rest in equities. So, they also resort to SEBI-permitted hedging when required. Moderate 9.98%

e. Kotak Mahindra Liquid Funds

If you want to stash away some money for emergencies with high liquidity, this is an ideal product of Kotak Fund House.
SL No Name of the fund Investment Objective Risks Returns (In 5 years)
1 Kotak Mahindra Liquid Funds Open-ended debt fund that delivers good returns with liquidity. Invests in debt and money market securities with varying maturity periods to spread risks. Low 7.92%

f. Kotak Mahindra Fund of Funds

Do you wish to invest in specific equity and debt funds of Kotak to create long-term wealth from an pre-existing portfolio? Then, it becomes a Fund of Fund. 
SL No Name of the fund Investment Objective Risks Returns (In 5 years)
1 Kotak Asset Allocator Fund Open-ended fund of funds that can create long-term wealth by investing in specific equities and debt instruments of Kotak Mahindra Moderately High 16.08%
2 Kotak Gold Fund The investment objective of the scheme is to generate returns by investing in units of Kotak Gold Exchange Traded Fund. Moderately High -1.18%
3 Kotak World Gold Fund Invests mainly in Falcon Gold Equity Fund units to create long-term wealth. Also invests in similar units of foreign mutual funds along with debt and money market instruments. Scheme is more liquid in nature. High -4.10%
4 Kotak US Equity Fund Invests in equities of companies in US to create long-term wealth. High 16.36% (3 years)
5 Kotak Global Emerging Market Invests in foreign mutual fund scheme to make long-term wealth as per SEBI guidelines about trading in global emerging markets. High 3.89%

g. Kotak Mahindra Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs

The goal is to make returns that corresponds to that of different traded commodities or exchanges. Physical gold is one example.
SL No Name of the fund Investment Objective Risks Returns (In 5 years)
1 Kotak Gold ETF Open-ended gold ETF that can deliver returns in line with that of the returns on physical gold (after tracking errors) Moderately High -0.13%
2 Kotak PSU Bank ETF Open-ended ETF that can deliver returns that correspond to overall returns of CNX PSU Bank Index (after tracking errors) High 5.09%
3 Kotak Sensex ETF Open-ended ETF that delivers returns corresponding to the overall returns of the BSE SENSEX (after tracking errors). Can claim tax relief under section 80CCG Moderately High 14.12%
4 Kotak Nifty ETF Open-ended ETF that can deliver reasonable returns after costs that almost correspond to the overall returns of the S&P CNX Nifty (after considering tracking errors). Eligible for tax respite under Section 80CCG. Moderately High 14.19%
5 Kotak Banking ETF Open-ended ETF that generates returns before costs that correspond to the overall returns of stocks as shown by the CNX Bank Index (after considering tracking errors) High 13.81% (3 years)
6 Kotak NV 20 ETF Deliver returns before costs that corresponds to the overall returns of stocks as shown by the NV 20 Index (depends on tracking errors). Moderately High 28.02% (1 year)

7. About the fund house

Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company Limited (KMAMC) is a subsidiary of Kotak Mahindra Bank. They have certainly built a reputation by delivering supreme returns to its investors over the last two decades. Hence, it enjoys a strong presence spread across the country, backed by a veteran team of researchers and analysts.  

8. Top fund managers

a. Ms. Lakshmi Iyer

Specializing in fixed income schemes and debt funds at Kotak Mahindra AMC, Ms. Iyer has been active in delivering supreme returns while ensuring capital protection. With more than 20 years of experience in the field, she is responsible for conceptualizing different financial software tools.

b. Mr. Abhishek Bisen

He is responsible for managing Kotak Kotak Bond, Monthly Income Plan, Kotak Gilt Investment (Regular & PF-Trust), Kotak Balance, Kotak Equity Savings Fund, Kotak Global Emerging Market Fund, Kotak Gold ETF Kotak Multi Asset Allocation Fund, and Kotak Gold Fund.  

c. Mr. Harsha Upadhyaya

Heading the equity vertical at Kotak Mahindra AMC, he oversees Kotak Tax Saver, Kotak Equity Opportunities Fund and Kotak Standard Multicap Fund. He also holds Chartered Financial Analyst charter from the US CFA Institute.  

d. Mr. Harish Krishnan

He runs mainly large-cap equity schemes (like Kotak Infrastructure & Economic Reform Fund, Kotak India Growth Fund and Kotak Bluechip Fund). With more than 10 years’ experience in the sector, he has revolutionized Kotak’s equity funds by delivering supreme returns to investors over the years.    

e. Mr. Pankaj Tibrewal

He heads funds like Kotak Equity Hybrid, Kotak Emerging Equity and Kotak Smallcap Fund. He became one of the top 10 asset managers in India more than one occasion.  

8. Best Kotak Mahindra Mutual fund schemes

Kotak Liquid
Kotak Taxsaver
Kotak M/T
Kotak Gold