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Starting July 1, GST will affect you and your business.

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The GST Bill is expected to replace a myriad of indirect taxes such as VAT, Customs, Excise, CST, Service Tax, Entry Tax with a single tax called as Goods and Services Tax, The GST council is trying its best to roll it out by July 2017
  • Why Do We need GST?
  • Learn about GST Composition Scheme
  • What is Input Tax Credit?
  • What is reverse charge?


GST Guides - Everything About GST

  • Understand the technical aspects of the implementation of Goods and Services Tax, the impact on ERP systems, and what you need to be GST compliant.

  • Read about some of the most common and basic terms and definitions used under the Goods and Services Tax Law.

  • Does GST apply to your business? If yes, learn more about the process of registration here.

  • Plan your transition into the new GST regime with our guides available here and make a smooth transition.

  • Every business is required to furnish a GST invoice as per the GST law. Discover how you can use ClearTax's platform and generate invoices seamlessly.

  • Our guides will help you determine all compliance requirements retated to business accounting. Discover More

  • Use our expert guides to understand how to file returns under GST for your business. Discover more.

  • Refer our guides to understand various provisions and laws related to payment, refunds and settlement of Goods and Services Tax. Read more

  • GST will allow free flow of input credit. Read our guides to understand the procedure of claiming input credit specific to your business.

  • Learn about the advantages, drawbacks, transition provisions and conditions to be eligible for the composition scheme. Read more

  • Read our guides on various procedures defined under the GST law related to audit, advance ruling and related aspects. Read more

  • Avoid penalties and prosecution under the GST regime. Learn about various penalties that can be levied and scenarios for prosecution under the GST. Read more

  • Refer our guides to understand the concept of Time, Place and value of Supply under GST. Read more

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Recent Articles

E-Ledgers under GST: E-Cash Ledger, E-Credit Ledger and E-Liability Ledger

Under GST, there is a new concept of E-ledgers which will help taxpayers know the status of input credit available, tax liability etc. The three types of ledgers are Cash, credit and liability ledger.

GST Bills to be discussed in Lok Sabha tomorrow

GST Bill enters its last phase with four important bills up for discussion in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday. The deadline for GST is July 1st.

Freelancers Under GST – An Impact Analysis

Freelancers under GST providing taxable services will need to get registered (if exceeding the exemption limit) and pay tax on the services provided.

Featured Articles

Benefits of GST

Learn how GST will benefit all of us - ranging from common people to businesses.

What is SGST, CGST and IGST

Learn what's State GST, Central GST and Integrated GST are and what their implications are.

HSN Code & its Implication

Learn about the implication of Harmonized System of Nomenclature under GST.

Analysis and Opinion

GST Bill: Major Amendments Proposed

Lok Sabha has passed the 4 GST bills with certain amendments. Click here for a list of the major GST amendments proposed in the bills.

Anti-Profiteering Provisions Under the GST Law

It is mandatory to pass on the benefit due to reduction in rate of tax or from input tax credit to the consumer as an anti-profiteering measure. Read More

Impact of GST on Wholesalers and Retailers

Under the current law, wholesalers and retailers escape the tax liability as there is no mechanism to trace it, but this will change under GST. Read more

News and updates

GST expected to boost growth by 4.2% says Federal Reserve

A new paper from a U.S. Federal Reserve says that the estimated impact of GST on India's GDP growth could be as high as up to 4.2%.

PM asks states to amp up clearance of GST Bills

With GST's go-live date knocking on the door, the PM has asked all states to clear GST Bills on priority. Changing the FY to Dec-Jan was also on the cards.

Two tax slabs for services likely; Council is examining proposal

Under GST, services might be taxed at two separate rates - 12% and 18%, instead of one uniform rate to avoid unnecessary burden on the end consumer.

Our Events and Webinars on GST


Place of Supply of Goods by Avinash Poddar

Fri, Apr 7, 2017 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM IST Bangalore

The liability to pay CGST / SGST will arise at the time of supply as determined for goods and services. Know more about it in Webinar with CA Avinash Poddar.


Place of Supply of Services by Avinash Poddar

Fri, Apr 14, 2017 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM IST Bangalore

Under GST, the existing system of levy of tax on manufacture, provision of taxable services, and sale of goods will be replaced by the concept of ‘SUPPLY’. Know more about it in Webinar with CA Avinash Poddar.


Business Impact on Import, Export and Refund under GST

India is one of the fastest growing ecomony across the globe. Business operations and procurement has now gone global. While governement is promoting manufacture in India, it also expects a boost in exports.

Business Impact on Job Work and Stock Transfer

India has become one of the most attractive destinations for investments in the manufacturing sector. Government has taken multiple steps to leapfrog India as global manufacturing hub.

GST Calculators

The best tools for calculating GST impact on your business, brought to you by ClearTax

HSN Mapping

Every business is required to declare list of goods they are dealing into along with HSN codes. Know HSN codes for your product with our HSN tool.

Calculators coming soon

Tax Impact Calculator
Determining Time of Supply of Goods
Rate Determination
Identify the State of Registration
TCS on GST - Determination
Determining Time of Supply of Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GST?

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a comprehensive tax levy on manufacture, sale and consumption of Goods and Services at national level and is expected to remove the cascading effect of tax-on-tax which is prevalent presently.

Which all taxes will GST replace?

It will replace all the taxes currently levied and collected by the Centre (such as Central Excise Duty and CVD) and by the State (such as VAT and CST), on businesses.

What are the Benefits of GST?
  • Cascading tax effect (meaning tax on tax) will no longer exist
  • Input Tax Credit will be easier to avail
  • Returns and compliances will be consolidated
How to Enroll for GST?

You can enroll for GST via the common portal of GST. ClearTax can also help you with your enrollment. For more details click here.

Can I have multiple GST Registrations?

A person with multiple business verticals in a state may obtain a separate registration for each business vertical (in each state).

How many Returns are required to be filed under GST?

A normal taxpayer will be required to furnish three returns monthly and one annual return. Similarly, there are separate returns for a taxpayer registered under the composition scheme, taxpayer registered as an Input Service Distributor, a person liable to deduct or collect the tax (TDS/TCS)

Is Input Tax Credit Available under GST?

Yes. One of the fundamental features of GST is the seamless flow of input credit across the chain (from the manufacture of goods till it is consumed) and across the country.

What is Composition Scheme?

Small businesses and taxpayers having a turnover less than Rs. 50 lakhs can opt for Composition scheme where they will be taxed at a nominal rate of 0.5% or 1% (for manufacturers) CGST and SGST each (rates as per the latest proposed changes in the GST bills).
Composition levy is available to only small businesses dealing in goods. It is not available to interstate sellers, e-commerce traders and operators, and service providers.

What is GST Compliance Rating?

GST Compliance Rating is a numerical rating given to businesses depending on their level of compliance with GST rules. Higher compliance ratings will make the refunds process easier for businesses.

What is HSN Code?

The Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System generally referred to as “Harmonized System of Nomenclature” or simply “HSN” is a multipurpose international product nomenclature developed by the World Customs Organization

Why is HSN Code required?

Without HSN, the system will not be able to pick tax rate for goods declared at the time of registration.

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GST Software + GST Certification Course at Rs. 10000 Rs. 5000 only. Limited Period Early Bird Offer!


GST Software + GST Certification Course at Rs. 10000 Rs. 5000 only. Limited Period Early Bird Offer!


GST Software + GST Certification Course at Rs. 10000 Rs. 5000 only. Limited Period Early Bird Offer!