ClearTax GST Offline is a “no-internet” billing software which works in MS Excel. You can create free invoices and file returns on ClearTax GST with a single click. For lakhs of SMEs in India who do not have access to the internet, the ClearTax GST Offline tool is the easiest way to create invoices and file returns.



Salient Features of  GST Invoicing  Excel tool Offline

With GST changing the way India does taxes, many businesses have faced trouble choosing the perfect software for their billing and return-filing needs. The ClearTax GST  Excel Offline Tool Software is small enough that it can be distributed and accessed through email, or on a portable USB drive. This tool can help you:

  • Create Sales & Export Invoices, Outward Bill of Supply and Reverse Charge
  • Create Purchase & Import Invoices, Bill of Supply, Credit and Debit Note
  • MRP calculator for Sales Invoices
  • Rounding Off capability in Invoice printing
  • Addition of Logo in printing
  • Print Invoices with one click (as many times as you want)
  • Validations & Guides to avoid errors
  • Directly upload excel file to prepare GSTR-1 on ClearTax GST Online Software

Setting Up ClearTax GST Invoicing Excel Offline

The offline tool can be set up in the following steps:

Step 1: Download the Offline Tool & Enable Editing

  • Download the Offline Tool from this link
  • After you open the Tool, click on “Enable Editing” to start editing it

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Step 2: Enable Macros

  • Once you click on “Enable Editing”, you will notice that a pop up of “Security Warning” will be displayed, click on “Enable Content”

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Step 3: Add Organization Details

  • Fill in all the details about your organization
  • Note that fields marked as (*) are mandatory to be filled
  • In case you miss to fill any of these details, a validation message will be shown

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Creating Invoices on ClearTax GST Offline

Creating sales or purchase invoices on ClearTax GST Offline tool is very easy. Use the following steps to create sales or purchase invoices on this tool:

Step 1 – Add Item Master

  • You can create a list of all items you deal with in the “Item Master” sheet

2017-08-30 15_00_06-item master.png ‎- Photos

  • Under the field “Item_SKU”, provide a code for each item. Remember this code should be unique for each item as two items cannot have the same code
  • Under “Item_Type” mention whether you have sold goods (G) or services (S)
  • Under “Item_HSN_SAC” mention the HSN of the item. If you don’t know your HSN, search it here or you can enter “None”
  • Provide a description for each of the items added (shoes, bags. etc.)
  • Under “Item_Unit” select the unit of each item. For example,  use the unit ‘KGS’ (kilograms) to denote the weight of items like sugar or rice and PCS (pieces) for the number of books and laptops. To know the relevant unit to be used for an item, use the list on the sheet named “Static”
  • Mention item selling price and purchase price. For “Item_Discount” enter the percentage of discount provided, if any, in whole numbers
  • Under “Item_Notes” enter any details you wish to mention according to your own convenience
  • GST Rates – Select the Rate of Tax and while you create a bill, this rate will be auto-populated according to the Place of Supply i.e. inter-state supply or intra-state supply. Please note that even if you leave this field blank, you may fill the field while creating the invoice described later
  • Once you fill this sheet, every time you create a bill, item details will be auto-populated. Alternatively, you may also create an item while creating an invoice

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Step 2 – Add Your Customer List

  •  To add all your customers at once, go to the sheet named “Customer master”

customer master

  • Click on the field “Unique ID” and provide an ID for each customer
  • For Contact_Type select ‘C’ for company and ‘I’ Individual
  • Fill the GSTIN field. If your customer does not have a GSTIN, use their provisional ID shared by Central Excise or State VAT department
  • The “Pan Number” (PAN) field is automatically filled. Ensure that this detail is correct
  • Under “Contact Person”, enter the contact details of the business
  • Under “Address” mention the billing address of the business
  • In case the billing and shipping address for the business is same, you can copy and paste the billing address details under shipping address
  • Under “Email Id” enter a valid email ID
  • Under “Phone Number” enter a valid number
  • Please note that even if you leave any field blank, you may fill the field while creating a bill

Note: You can also add a new customer when creating invoices. To do this click on “Create New Customer”. Fill all the details and click on “Save to Customer Master”

2017-08-30 14_48_19-Greenshot capture form

Step 3 – Create an Invoice

  • To create new invoices, go to “Add Invoice”
  • Enter the date when bill is issued in DD-MM-YYYY format
  • Set the invoice number under “Customize Invoice”. Enter the sequence, prefix, and suffix to name the invoice

2017-08-30 16_38_03-Cleartax GST Offline Guide (1).docx - Google Docs

  • Click “Select Customer” and select the customer from the drop down menu. You can also add a new customer if it is not already added by clicking on “Create New Customer”

2017-08-30 16_41_59-11.PNG ‎- Photos

  • As you select the customer, the state provided under registered address will be selected as Place of Supply by default. To change, select the appropriate place of supply from the drop down menu

Example: For the business Pavan & Co, the address provided by the user is the territory of Andaman and Nicobar Island, hence Place of Supply will be auto-populated by default as Andaman and Nicobar Island.

2017-08-31 12_42_52-12.PNG ‎- Photos

  •  In case the goods or services sold fall under Reverse Charge, select the correct option of YES or else select NO

2017-08-31 12_44_33-13.PNG ‎- Photos

  • Then, click “Add an Item”, and select the item from the drop down menu. If a new item is to be added, click on “Create New Item”, fill all the details and click on “Save to Item Master”

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  • You will find all the details of the item have been pre-filled. If needed, enter the quantity of item sold under “Quantity”. The rest of the data will be automatically populated

Export Data from ClearTax Offline to ClearTax GST

On the offline tool, data is stored in the Item Master, Customer Master and as Invoices. To export all of this data to the online software, follow the process defined below.

Part 1 – Export Item Master as CSV

  • Click on “Export Item Master as CSV”

2017-08-31 13_21_17-23.PNG ‎- Photos

  • As you click it, a message showing the location of the file will pop up. You will find the exported item master in that folder

2017-08-31 13_23_04-24.PNG ‎- Photos

  • Log into your account with ClearTax GST Software and go to “Settings”

2017-08-31 13_25_24-26.PNG ‎- Photos

  • Now select the option of “More” and select “Item Master”

item master export

  • Once you click on “Item Master”, you will be directed to browse and upload the CSV file

2017-08-31 13_31_54-28.PNG ‎- Photos

  • Upload the file and all the details will be saved under your “Item Master”

Part 2 – Export Customer Master as CSV

  • Click on “Export customer Master as CSV”

2017-08-31 13_33_18-29.PNG ‎- Photos

  • As you click here, a message showing the location of the file will pop up
  • Log in to your account with ClearTax GST Software and click on “Settings”
  • Now select the option of “More” and select “Customer Master”

contact master upload

  • Once you click on “Customer Master”, you will be directed to browse and upload the CSV file
  • Upload the file and all the details will be saved under your “Customer Master”

Part 3 – Export Invoices to ClearTax GST Online

  • To upload the invoices on our online software, click on “Export All Invoices As CSV”. As you click here, a message showing the location of the file will pop up

export invoices

  • Log in to your account on ClearTax GST Software. Select the business for which you wish to prepare and file the return and click on “Work On This”

2017-08-31 15_29_07-35.PNG ‎- Photos

  • Then select “Work On GST Returns”

2017-08-31 15_32_45-36.PNG ‎- Photos

  • Select the type of invoice you wish to import i.e. sales or Purchases
  • Click on “Import More”



  • Follow the steps as shown in this image:

2017-08-31 15_43_21-Photos

  • Select and upload the relevant files from your computer. Once the files are uploaded, all invoices will also be uploaded to the ClearTax GST Software.

Filing Online Returns on ClearTax GST Software

  • To file returns on ClearTax GST Software, you need to first upload invoices as mentioned earlier. Now, click on “Returns”

2017-08-31 15_45_55-41.PNG ‎- Photos

  • Select the option of “Start Now”
  • Your GSTR-1 summary will be available automatically
  • Review the GSTR-1 Summary and complete your filing

2017-08-31 15_49_36-Greenshot capture form

Do let us know if you have any doubts about using the ClearTax GST Offline Tool. We would be glad to help!

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