Create GST Invoices in Excel without internet!
  • Create sales and purchase invoices easily
  • No new software to download. You can create invoices in Excel
  • Easy to use. No need to get trained on or learn new software
  • Inbuilt validation engine to help you make error free invoices
  • Works with Microsoft Excel 2010, 2013 & 2016

*After 30 Days Trial- you’ll be charged Rs 2500


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Features of ClearTax GST Excel Invoicing Tool

  • All Kinds of Sales & Purchase Invoices
  • Validations & Guides to avoid errors
  • Record reference numbers in bills
  • Specify composition dealers
  • Directly upload excel file to prepare GSTR-1 on ClearTax GST Online Software
  • Compatible with Excel 2010, 2013 and 2016
GST Excel Invoicing Tool

Learn How Easy GST Invoicing Offline Excel Utility is with This Guide

Learn How to use GST Offline Excel Utility in Hindi


Upload Invoices on ClearTax GST Software to File Returns in One Click

After creating invoices with ClearTax GST Excel Invoicing Tool, upload all invoices to the ClearTax GST software. The online software auto-populates the return forms using the uploaded invoices. Review summary and file your returns seamlessly.

ClearTax GST Invoicing and filing

Get GST Excel Invoicing Tool Installed in seconds

  • Submit your Email id. We will send the Excel file & How to use guide on email. Download it from your email
  • Unzip the zip file downloaded and open the excel file named. Please make sure you have Microsoft Excel 2010, 2013 or 2016 with Microsoft Windows
  • A dialogue box on Microsoft Excel Security Notice pops up. Click on the Enable Macros Option
  • Start creating invoices

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Which version of Excel is required?
  1. Excel 2010, 2013 & 2016 will support the file. If you’re an Excel 2007 user, install this plugin to run the Offline Utility Software.
  1. What is this GST Excel Invoicing Offline Utility for? Is this for billing, accounting or filing?
  1. Many business do not have internet connection. Creating GST bills can be very hard for them. ClearTax GST Offline helps them create GST bills without internet. Businesses can later use this invoice data to file GST returns through ClearTax GST software. They can also share the data with their CAs/ Tax Professionals for filing.
  1. When I create an invoice with special characters, I am unable to print the invoice
  1. Please use only hyphen (i.e. ‘-’) in invoice numbers. For example, if you want to create invoice with the number ‘’Sales/GST/17-18/2′, please use ‘Sales-GST-17-18-2’. Using ‘/’ in your invoice number will lead to issues in printing the same
  1. I’m unable to edit the fields. My GST Excel Invoicing Offline Utility isn’t working properly.
  1. When you open the Utility, you will be asked to ‘Enable editing’ and ‘Enable macro’. Please choose ‘Yes’ for both.
  1. Does it work on Apple Mac?
  1. No, All the features don’t work for Mac
  1. I have Windows XP? Does it work on that?
  1. File will be functional of Windows XP if the system has Excel 2013 or newer version installed.
  1. What is MRP calculator?
  1. MRP calculator is used for calculating the taxable amount per item if you know the final item value. That is, if you know the final amount of the item you are selling is INR 2,000 and you want to create an invoice with taxes calculated based on this final amount, you can use the MRP calculator. We do a reverse calculation considering the discount you want to give and the GST rate and create your invoice.
  1. I have created an item in the Item master with 20% discount. But I want to give only 10% discount to a certain customer. Do I need to change my Item master every time?
  1. No. You can change the discount %, GST rates and item value, at an item-level when you create an invoice. You can do this by simply changing the values when you’re creating the invoice.
  1. My company logo is a .JPEG file. How do I upload this logo to ClearTax GST Offline?
  1. Right now, we support only .PNG format. However you can open your .JPEG logo file in Microsoft Paint, and save the file with the .PNG format. You can upload this new file to ClearTax GST Offline.

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