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What is Reconciliation?

  • Matching the data inserted by the supplier with those of the purchaser
  • Making sure that all the transactions during the period has been recorded
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75% of purchase data doesn’t match GSTR-2A because of

  • Inconsistency in invoice number convention
  • Mismatch in invoice date format
  • Return period mismatch
  • Invoices raised to incorrect GSTINs for the same vendor
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You must reconcile to

  • Avail 100% input tax credit
  • Rectify errors by Sept in GSTR-1/3B
  • Avoid notice from Government
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One-stop GST solution

  • End-to-end support from ClearTax
  • 100+ validations to file all GST return error-free
  • Sync with any accounting software you use
  • Ingest for multiple GSTINs
  • Onboard members using access control
  • View 50+ insightful reports
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