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GST rates and HSN code for Live Animals, Mammals, Reptiles, Birds, Whales, Dolphins, Porpoises.

Origin Chapter: Chapter 1

HSN Code Description Rate (%) CESS (%) Effective Date Rate Revision
106 Other Live Animals - Mammals: Nil 0 01/07/2017 Nil
1061100 Other Live Animals Mammals : Primates Nil 0 01/07/2017 Nil
1061200 Other Live Animals Mammals Whales,Dolphins And Porpoises (Mammals Of The Order Cetacea); Manatees And Dugongs(Mammals Of The Order Sirenia) Nil 0 01/07/2017 Nil
1061900 Other Live Animals Mammals Other Nil 0 01/07/2017 Nil
1062000 Other Live Animals Reptiles (Including Snakes And Turtles) Nil 0 01/07/2017 Nil
1063100 Other Live Animals Birds : Birds Of Prey Nil 0 01/07/2017 Nil
1063200 Other Live Animals Birds Psittaciformes(Including Parrots, Parakeets,Macaws And Cockatoos) Nil 0 01/07/2017 Nil
1063900 Other Live Animals Birds Other Nil 0 01/07/2017 Nil
1069010 Otherlive Animals- Other - Beesandotherinsects,Notelsewhereincludedorspecified Nil 0 01/07/2017 Nil
1069020 Other Live Animals - Other - Pure Line Stock Nil 0 01/07/2017 Nil
1069090 Other Live Animals - Other - Other Nil 0 01/07/2017 Nil

Disclaimer: Rates given above are updated up to the GST (Rate) notification no. 05/2020 dated 16th October 2020 to the best of our information. We have sourced the HSN code information from the master codes published on the NIC's GST e-Invoice system. There may be variations due to updates by the government. Kindly note that we are not responsible for any wrong information. If you need information about the "Effective Date" for every GST or cess rates, then please visit the CBIC website.
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