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Oct 6:

    • Link on Upload to GSTN page to view report of Uploaded invoices
    • Reset Data from GSTN – Customer will be able to reset all data from GSTN, to start from a fresh slate (Limitation: This will be an on-call feature where user will have to provide JSON file from GSTN)
    • Addition of column and filter for tax amount difference between taxpayer and supplier data on Recon list page (This will be useful to filter rounding off mismatches)
    • Bug Fix for delete purchase invoices in bulk – Checkbox to select bulk was hidden, now rectified to select in bulk and delete
    • Supporting Transaction date for purchase invoices, this date will determine the return period for a particular invoice
    • Making Invoice date and number as non-mandatory in case of Import of Goods
Account Management and Others
    • Making email non-mandatory for CA’s – Pro users can now add a client without entering client contact details via popup as well as excel import
    • Updation of GSTR 1,2,3 due date timeline on GSTIN dashboard for August and September

Sep 28:

GSTR 2A – Get Supplier data
    • Download of more than 500 invoices
    • Supplier filing status and filter
    • Support for all GSTR-2A fields in download CSV files
GSTR2- Match and Reconcile
    • Matching of purchase register data with Supplier GSTR-2A data
    • Reconciliation actions
    • Pre-page for reconciliation to guide users to apply relevant filters and do reconciliation
    • Download of mismatch report as CSV
    • MRP based Invoicing (Item rate is inclusive of taxes)
    • Return Period selection on Govt./Tally Template Selection Known Limitations: Return period selection doesn’t work on Cleartax templates
    • Print Duplicate & Triplicate Copies

Sep 22:

  • Filters on Billing Sales & Purchases List Views
    • Filters on all transactions
    • Configurable page size
    • Bulk Delete
    • CDN against BOS through excel
    • Known limitations: Handling CDN against BOS on GST side, is planned in the current sprint. So, these CDNs won’t be reflected in right sections on GST side.
    • Defaulting Place of Supply to my state on both sales and purchase if not specified in excel upload
Filing Features:
  • In GSTR2 Auto-compute of Nil, exempt section
  • In GSTR2 Auto-compute of HSN summary

Sep 14:

  • GSTR 2 Guide: Overview on how to do GSTR-2 Filing
  • Get Supplier data (GSTR-2A): Ability to get vendor invoices from GSTN. Users will be able to download all invoices uploaded by their vendors, irrespective of whether it is filed or not.
  • Get Supplier data (GSTR-2A): Download as CSV, invoices received from GSTN
  • GSTR-2 My Data: Invoice level and summary sections; Fixed issues in RCM handling of unregistered purchases;
Note: In GSTR2 Match and reconcile and Claim ITC sections are NOT part of this release. There are some issues and improvements that we are working on and it will be covered in subsequent releases. GSTR-1 Validations
    • Validations before Upload to GSTN so that users can identify and fix issues before uploading to GSTN. This will avoid following errors from GSTN
    • – The GSTIN is invalid. Please enter a valid GSTIN.
    • – Original Invoice is Invalid. Original invoice cannot be tracked.
    • – Do enter the correct shipping bill date that is on or after Invoice Date and on or before today’s date
    • – GSTIN you entered is same as counter Party GSTIN. Do enter the correct GSTIN.
GSTR-1 Excel 3.1
  • Support for UIN/Composition
  • Support for pre-GST along with invoice type in CDN
  • Support for Total Transaction Value
  • Support for Return period
  • Samples with updated fields and explanation
  • CDN against Bill of Supply
GSTR-2 Excel 3.1
  • Support for Composition supplier
  • Support for pre-GST along with invoice type in CDN
  • Support for Total Transaction Value
  • Support for Return period
  • Samples with updated fields and explanation
  • Identifying of Return Period based on BOE date for Import of Goods
  • Shipping Bill Date Validation (between invoice date and current date)
  • Backend bulk reclassification of Invoice CDN (problem-solving tool)
  • Rounding off of document total value – support for all documents
  • Discount % support
  • User can set discount as percentage
  • Discount % set in item master will be copied to the invoice
  • New print template
  • Address will come along with the Name and Logo at the top
  • Title of the document will come at the top
  • Document total will not show up at the top right
  • Signature section is changed to have space for signature in between For <Business Name> and Authorised Signatory
  • During print, Logo will show up as “Loading” until this is loaded
  • Movement of PAN, GSTIN to the right – this column will come left of the Invoice Number and Invoice Date and Reference Number
  • Footer is removed
  • Changing state to format <number>-<state name> instead of <statename> (<number>)
  • Rate is a single column in all entry screens

Sep 07: 

  • v3.1 of the Excel import template released
  • Bulk Delete of documents added to the software
  • Delete GSTIN feature added to the software
  • Software check for Credit/Debit Note added. CDN should have at least 1 line item
  • Shipping bill date fix feature added
  • Auto-compute Nil-rated supplies (for ClearTax users, v3 users, B2CS (summary)

August 31:

  • File GSTR-1 through ClearTax GST. Users can import all outward document types, Manual preparation for aggregate entries such as B2CS, Nil/Exempt/Non GST, Advance Payment, HSN Summary, Invoice Series. GSTN Upload, with the ability to view validation errors from GSTN, in case of any such errors. Filing with DSC & Aadhar design)
  • Ability to mark discount as a percentage in invoice and bill of supply Create and Edit screens
  • The following fields have become non-mandatory for both goods and services – HSN/SAC, UOM, quantity, rate, discount
  • For tax values and totals for a ClearTax calculated value of falling between x and x+1, we will allow values of x-0.5 and x+1.5
  • Users will be able to specify the separator for the CSV in the name of the file in box and we will treat that as the separator for CSV
  • On import, users will be able to view the documents that were imported as part of the excel in the import summary page
  • Import errors on Excel import can be downloaded as a CSV for further analysis and correction

    August 28:

    • Bulk import clients. CAs can bulk import clients through Excel to ClearTax GST
    • Bulk invite clients. CAs can bulk invite clients to ClearTax GST
    • Download sales and purchase reports as CSV file for analysis
    • Offline invoicing. Our offline utility is now live

August 17:

  • Ability to set the tax rate in Item Master. Users can set a tax rate once and the system will use this tax rate while creating invoices in the future
  • Changing of file limit for upload. The file limit for upload was changed from 1MB to 3MB enabling users to upload more line items
  • Delete of all documents has gone live. Applicable on both sales and purchase invoices
  • Support for CSV and XLS (comma separated)

August 12:

You can prepare your 3B Return form by downloading our Excel templates, filling with your invoice data and then uploading it into our software

July 30:

  • You can add Terms & Conditions, Notes, Bank Details, Custom Fields for more elaborate invoices
  • You can create Export Invoices with Foreign Currency denomination

21st July 2017:

  • You can add your company’s logo in your invoice
  • When you choose an unregistered vendor, your invoice will automatically be classified as a Reverse Charge transaction
  • You can add cess rate of more than 100%
  • You can create and print Bill of Supply and Delivery Challan
  • We’ve made adding Contacts easier. You can import all your old contacts in one go using our excel template.
  • Units of measurements will now display in the Invoice Print for new invoices
  • CAs can now invite their clients directly to share business data such as sales bills, purchase bills & file returns using ClearTax GST platform
  • ClearTax GST Excel is redesigned & now supports new fields as per new GSTR1 & GSTR2 formats
  • You can add & edit GSTIN and Place of Supply of your customer while creating the invoice itself
  • You can reset your invoice sequence or continue with default serial no. sequence
  • We have updated our HSN & SAC tool with tax rates & latest updates

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