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If you are a Tally ERP user and looking for a GST software for GST compliant billing and return filing, read further.

Tally ERP is a great accounting software, whereas for GST compliance such as creation of invoices, handling mismatches and reconciliation to claim ITC, paying taxes , and filing GST returns, ClearTax GST software is a complete tool kit.

To make our users’ GST journey easy we have enabled easy integration with Tally. You may be using any version of Tally-licenced, pirated or cracked, you can integrate with ClearTax GST and use our powerful tools.

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ClearTax GST: Complete Toolkit For All GST Compliance

ClearTax GST  is a one stop shop for all GST needs. It supports creation of GST bills, Claiming ITC, automatic computation of tax liability, online payment of taxes to name a few. It’s simple to learn and easy to use.

Tally ERP GST with Cleartax

Easy Integration with Tally

ClearTax GST is compatible with all versions of tally & the integration is easy.

Steps for easy sync between Tally and ClearTax GST software:

  1. Install the Tally connector (available soon on ClearTax)
  2. Open your company file and go to ‘ClearTax Connector’
  3. Select required action:*  Sync all data * Export data (Tally to ClearTax) * Import data (ClearTax to Tally).
  4. Get status update

Fold 3Key Benefits of integration of Tally with ClearTax GST:

  • Import / export Tally data with one click
  • No manual data entries
  • Detailed logs to know transaction status

Seamless Data Flow Between ClearTax GST & Tally

Tally as an accounting software has won hearts of businesses and tax practitioners. Continue managing your accounts on tally and join hands with Cleartax as your GST compliance partner.

  • Connectors ensure seemless data flow
  • Export data from Tally to ClearTax
  • Import data from ClearTax to Tally and update your ledgers
  • Track status of data flow-failed & successful transitionsFold 4

GST Training : Learn in the language you speak

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Too many new terms like HSN code, SAC code, place of supply, bill of supply? Attend our free webinar sessions where our GST experts will simplify GST for you.

Product Training:

Learn how to make the best use of ClearTax GST software and get GST ready. Free training sessions for you and your staff

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Simplify Your GST Filing & Invoicing

Get Trained & Try Cleartax GST Software for FREE

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