File TDS returns on salary and other payments in no time

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Form 24Q and 26Q TDS

Services Included

  • Registration on TRACES
  • Form 24Q Up to 100 employees (1 no.)
  • Form 26Q upto 10 deductees (1 no.)
  • Fulfillment using ClearTDS Returns Software
  • Generation of Form 16 & 16B

₹ 2500 (plus Taxes)

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Plan Description

What is the plan?

This plan enables you to file your quarterly TDS returns related to all specified payments along with salary where TDS is required to be deducted and return is required to be filed via Form 24Q & 26Q without any hassles. ClearTax provides you with a prompt mechanism to comply with all the TDS compliance on account of specified payments.

A delay in filing the returns attracts interest and penalty levied by the Tax department, hence, it is important to pay TDS within due date and subsequent return filing is equally important.

Who should take this plan?

  • Any individual who is required to make a payment of salary or other specified payments and has to deduct TDS
  • Any organisation such as corporate, partnership firm etc required to make salary or other specified payments after deduction of TDS
  • Any branch of principal business office

What services are covered in this plan?

We will cover the following services in this plan

  • Registration on TRACES
  • Form 24Q Up to 100 employees (1 no.)
  • Form 26Q upto 10 deductees (1 no.)
  • Bulk PAN Verification
  • Challan Verification
  • Online FVU Generation and Submission
  • Generation of Form 16 & 16B
  • Business Hours CA Support - Email and Phone

What are the plan benefits?

  • Dashboard view of all progress,
  • Documents are collected from you in the digital form
  • Service fulfillment using our ClearTDS software
  • Avoid notice from the tax department on TDS non compliance

Documents Needed

  • Statutory details of Deductor(employer) i.e CO. name, TAN, Branch (if Any), address, email Id , phone no.
  • Details of Responsible person- Name, PAN , Designation, Father’s Name,Address , Email, Mobile No.
  • Details of Deductee. Name, PAN, Serial No Allotted by Employer, In case of NO Pan Records then Unique Serial no allotted as per Rules.
  • Challan Details - BSR Code, Challan No, Challan Amount, Challan Date.
  • Details of Deductions - Type of Payment, Amount Paid, Date of Credit, Date of Deduction.


We are a finance company catering to short term loan requirements of small vendors. For some specific expenses like interest, rent etc we have to deduct TDS. ClearTax experts help us analyze our liability and look after TDS matter of the entity for entire year. Happy with the services!!

- Rajeev Gupta

I am managing HR department of our export house and have more than 300 employees on roll.Cleartax has saved us from the pain of getting all TDS deductions and return filing process. Amazing services team!!

- Dev Purohit

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What is TDS in salary and other payment?

TDS, or Tax Deducted at Source, is a type of tax levied by the Indian government wherein taxes are collected on the basis of 'pay as you get'. The taxes are deducted at the source of payments such as salary paid to an employee or other payments like commission earned by a broker.

The taxes are deducted by the employer before making the payment to employee and is deposited with the govt. The employer later issue form 16 to its employees and form 16B to other deductees which serves as a proof of tax payment in their hands.

What is form 26Q?

Form 26Q is required to be submitted for TDS details on all payments other than salary on a quarterly basis by the deductor. Form 26Q is applicable for TDS deducted under section 200(3) of the Income Tax Act for TDS under sections 193 & 194 being interest on securities, Dividend securities, professional fees, directors' remuneration etc.

When is online return mandatory?

For certain people, it is compulsory to submit the quarterly return online. If the deductor is :

  • A Government office
  • A company’s principal officer
  • Assessee who Is required to have their accounts audited for the prior year under 44AB of the Income Tax Act, 1961.
  • If there are 20 or more records of deductees in a statement for any quarter of a particular financial year.
ClearTax Experts will guide you on the same.

Is there any interest and penalty for non or late filing of Form 24Q & Form 26Q?

In case you have not deposited TDS by the due date, the following penalties are applicable:

  • Late filing fee (if you do not file by the deadline)
  • Interest (if you do not deposit the TDS amount in time)
  • Penalty (if TDS is not filed within one year of the due date)
For more details:

I need to deduct TDS returns for more than 10 vendors. Can you advise?

Our plan caters to filing TDS returns for up to 100 employees and up to 10 deductees. If your firm has more than 100 employees or 10 deductees, our representatives will advise you on the fees. Please submit your enquiry here or write to us at

Do all deductors require to quote their PAN?

It is compulsory to quote the PAN for non-Government deductors whereas In the case of Government deductors, "PANNOTREQD" has to be mentioned on the form.

Is revised return covered under the plan?

Revised return filing on account of incorrect information provided by the assessee during the original return filing shall not form part of the plan.