Tax Filing for Securities Traders

Get your account summary prepared and tax returns filed by ClearTax Experts
₹ 6,999
₹ 19,999 (65.00% OFF)

About This PlanAbout This Plan

The trader package is designed to ensure maximum Tax Savings for people having trading income. Along with this, it also includes hassle free filing by an expert Expert who knows the nuances of intraday and F&O trading.

Mis-filing or non-filing can lead to unnecessary hassle of having to answer IT notices

Services Covered

  • Income tax return for individual trading in derivatives
  • Income tax return for individual in intraday trading
  • Consolidation of Trading statements across multiple platforms
  • Prepare Account Summary - P&L and Balance Sheet (up to 100 entries per year)
  • Tax Return preparation & Filing by Experts
  • Business Hours Expert Support - Email and Phone
  • Excludes the Tax audit Fees

Who Should Buy

  • Salaried Individual having income or loss from F&O Trading or intraday equity trading
  • Self Employed traders who have income or loss from F&O Trading or intraday equity trading

How It's DoneHow It's Done

  • Purchase of Plan
  • Upload documents
  • Review computation sheet
  • Return filed & acknowledgement generated
10 days estimate

Information GuideInformation Guide

Documents To Be Submitted

  1. Form 16 from your company
    One form 16 or Form 16 Part A (If part B is separate)
  2. Form 26AS Tax Credit Statement
    Form 26As can be downloaded from the income tax website or your netbanking account
  3. Trading account statement from your broker
  4. Bank statement if interest received is above Rs. 10,000/-


  • Who are the Expert's who’ll be filing my return?

    ClearTax taps into its Expertnetwork and puts you in touch with a qualified CA. These Expert's bring a combined experience of 40 years in foreign taxation

  • How to calculate Trading Turnover?

    Turnover for Future and Options is the absolute value of each Profit and Loss trade during the year. For example, if you have a Profit of Rs.1000 and Loss of ₹500 from F&O, the turnover is ₹1,500.

  • What are other requirements if I am under a tax audit?

    Apart from regular documents and the tax audit report you would require Class 2 Digital Signature for submitting your tax return.

  • What are the types of transactions under share trading and where are they reflected in the tax return?

    Short Term and Long Term Capital Gains form part of Income under the Head Capital Gains while trading in intra-day markets, F&O, Commodity, etc. fall under Income from Business and Profession

  • What happens to the loss incurred in Share Market?

    Losses from shares in speculation business can be carried forward for 4 years, while all the other losses can be carried forward for 8 years provided the tax return is filed within the due date of the original tax retrun

  • Do I have to provie login credentials to upload the audit report?

    Yes, you will need to provide login creditials so that the Expertcan upload the audit report.



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