Residents with foreign Income Tax Returns Filing

Tax Filing Simplified for Indian residents with foreign income. Get your tax filed by Cleartax Experts


About This Plan

Indian residents with foreign income or having income from stock options in foreign entities and is required to pay taxes on such income in India. Get Expert-Assistance in filing your income returns.

Services Covered


  • Tax Expert Assisted Filing of your Income Tax returns
  • Tax Expert Assisted Filing of your Form 67 on Income Tax portal (if required)
  • Email/Skype/Calling Support
  • Includes foreign & domestic income and resulting tax liabilities
  • Handling complexities of taxation in multiple countries, availing double taxation avoidance agreements (DTAA)
  • Declaration of foreign assets for Indian residents (Schedules FA, FSI and TR in the Income Tax Return)

Who Should Buy

Should Buy

  • Indian citizens working on-site, at client locations outside India
  • Indian citizens who own a bank account or any other asset abroad
  • Foreign nationals who work in India, who earn salary in India or have Indian assets *Indian Residents earning income from foreign entities

How It's Done

This plan is equipped with end-to-end online fulfillment via our expert. No hassle, 100% Digital.

5 days estimate
  • Upload documents on vault
  • Review computation sheet
  • Return filed & acknowledgement generated

Documents To Be Submitted

Form 16 from your companyForm 26AS Tax Credit Statement
Details of any Income earned in IndiaDetails of Income earned Outside India
Bank statement if interest received is above Rs. 10,000/-Annual Information Statement
Form 16 from your company
Form 26AS Tax Credit Statement
Details of any Income earned in India
Details of Income earned Outside India
Bank statement if interest received is above Rs. 10,000/-
Annual Information Statement


  • Handling complex Expert'ses where foreign income is involved requires expert assistance. ClearTax assigns a Expert to you after payment. The Expertcontacts you and prepares your return. Finally, the Experte-files the income tax return after your review.

  • Most of the support and assistance is offered over email. You can always schedule a phone call / Skype call with the Expert at a time that’s convenient to you as per your time zone.

  • Your residential status for Income Tax purposes is based on the number of days you spend within India. If you are a foreign national living within India, you may be considered a ‘Resident Indian’ for tax purposes, and similarly if you are an Indian living abroad, you might be considered a Non-Resident Indian (NRI).

    Typically, if you are in India for 182 days or more during that financial year, you will be considered a resident. There are a few more conditions associated with this. Check your residential status here.

  • ClearTax taps into its Expertnetwork and puts you in touch with a qualified CA. These Expert's bring a combined experience of 40 years in foreign taxation.

  • This plan is the right plan for you. In this plan, a Expertwill prepare and submit your tax return to the IT Department. He will also fill out foreign income-specific schedules and check relevant compliance with regard to Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement.

  • Refund is applicable only if no Experthas been assigned on the Expert'se, for detailed policy please visit our terms of use

  • For filing Form 67, you will have to share your Income Tax login credentials to the Expertassigned to your Expert'se.


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Residents with foreign Income Tax Returns Filing