Permanent Account Number (PAN) for NRI

Apply for PAN and get it without leaving comfort of your house with ClearTax assistance.
₹ 3,999

About This PlanAbout This Plan

The plan is designed to get all your PAN procurement needs under one roof without leaving the comfort of your home. Be it obtaining a new PAN,request for getting a correction done in the existing one or issue of duplicate PAN, ClearTax helps to get it all done for you.

Services Covered

  • Online documents collections using vault
  • Verification of documents and submission of appliaction form with PAN authority
  • Delivery of PAN card within 7 business days

Who Should Buy

  • Every person/entity who is required to file a return of income
  • Person filing return of income on behalf of others
  • Any person, who intends to enter into economic or financial transactions where quoting PAN is mandatory
  • Any non resident Indian Citizen or other who earns income in India
  • Entities (LLP, firms, companies) registered outside India operating in India
  • Foreign Citizens with income in India

How It's DoneHow It's Done

  • Purchase of plan
  • Upload documents on vault
  • Expert fills the form
  • Sign the filed form and forward it
  • Delivery of PAN card within 7 business days
10 days estimate

Information GuideInformation Guide

Documents To Be Submitted

  1. Photo ID proof
    This must be self-attested
  2. Address proof
    Any one of electricity bill or bank statement or landline bill or mobile bill (not older than 1 month)
  3. Signed Pan Application


  • How much time does it take in issue of a new PAN?

    PAN card gets delivered usually within 7-15 business days. The decision however solely depends upon the Issuing Authority of Government of India. ClearTax shall provide you with the tracking details once application is submitted. Delivery of the PAN card will made to your address directly by tax authority.

  • Can a PAN card be obtained on behalf of someone else?

    In Expert'ses where the actual assessee is a minor, lunatic, idiot, mentally retarded, deceased, wards of court and such other persons who may require to be represented through a Representative Assessee, request has to be made by representative.

    • In the application for PAN, details of the a minor, lunatic, idiot, mentally retarded, deceased, wards of court, etc. should be provided.
    • Details of representative assessee have to be provided in item 14 of the application for PAN.
  • What if i move to another city? Do i need to apply for new PAN?

    Permanent Account Number (PAN), as the name suggests, is a permanent number. Changing the address though, may change the Assessing Officer. Such changes must, therefore be intimated to income tax department(ITD) so that the PAN database of ITD can be updated.

  • What should I do if I have more than one PAN?

    If you have more than one PAN, you should surrender the additional PAN(s) by logging into ITD website Alternatively, you may fill and submit PAN Change Request application form by mentioning the PAN which you wish to retain on the top of the form. All other PAN/s inadvertently allotted to you should be mentioned at item no. 11 of the form and the corresponding PAN card copy/ies should be submitted for cancellation along with the form.



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