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Chartered Advisor for Senior Living (CASL)

Reviewed by Vineeth | Updated on Jun 11, 2021



A Chartered Advisor for Senior Living (CASL) is a certification or designation given to those individuals who are going to provide advises to elderly clients to gain financial security.

The CASL certification is conferred to financial advisors that have a proven track record and commitment to helping middle-aged or older clients to preserve and accomplish financial security by means of wealth management.

The CASL certification is still being recognised by the ACFS (the American College of Financial Services), which happens to be the issuing organisation of the CASL certification. It is not providing the new certifications to the upcoming students anymore.

The CASL Program

The CASL certification is one among the various legacy programs, which were being offered by The American College. The ACFS is, however, continuing to recognise the existing individuals with the CASL certification.

The American College stopped giving admissions to the new students to the program on 1 September 2015. The existing students in the year 2015 continued to receive support in order to complete their course and were needed to clear their exams to get the CASL certification by March 2017.

As per the American College, the CASL certification implies that the certificate holder is going to show a commitment towards helping their ageing clients to achieve their financial security in future. This prestigious certification will help financial advisors in leading their middle-aged clients through to their retirement and help them with managing their accumulated wealth, preserving the same, and transferring the wealth later.


The process to obtain the certification of the CASL is one of the most rigorous ones in the finance industry. The certification needs a study of 250-300 hours, five particular courses that are of college-level, and three-five years of full-time relevant work experience, which can be substituted with experience in ChFC, CLU, CFL, or REBC certification. Apart from that, there are five exams that one must pass in order to obtain the CASL certification.

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