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What Is a Decamillionaire?

Decamillionaire is the term used to denote an individual with a net worth of more than Rs.10 million. The term decamillionaire is derived from the Greek word 'deka' or 'deca' which means ten and 'millionaire' is used to represent the individual having a net worth over 1 million. A million in rupees amounts to Rs.10,00,000.

Since a decamillionaire would have a net worth over ten times of that of a millionaire, a decamilionare's net worth would amount to (10 x Rs.10,00,000) = Rs.1,00,00,000.

Breaking Down Decamillionaire

A decamillionaire can also be referred to as a multimillionaire. A multimillionaire is somebody who has a net worth more than 2 million.

However, referring to an individual as a decamillionaire is more apt when used to reflect the individual's wealth more precisely. Also, with the number of millionaires increasing consistently across the world, decamillionaire can be used better to differentiate them from the usual millionaires based on their individual wealth.

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