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Front Office

Reviewed by Anjaneyulu | Updated on Jan 05, 2021



The front office is the part of an organisation that comes into contact with clients such as marketing, sales, and support departments. When it comes to hotels, investment management, and sports sectors, the word has broader meanings.

The front office role is to get in direct contact with customers and is, typically, the first place that customers come to when they arrive at the company. By asking them questions, the front desk will learn more information about the client, thus helping the customers out.


All front office operations and areas are planned to facilitate customer transactions and services. The front office is also known as the face of a business. Standard front office duties include receiving customers, registration, records creation, and many more.

The front office employees can also perform basic activities, such as sending out letters and assisting with printing and typing functions. Front office workers will need to learn different technological skills, such as using printers, fax machines, and telephone. That is why preparation is required before the staff begins to work, although some might be the necessary day-to-day tasks.

A combination of being in touch with customers and also helping out internally in the workplace would be the typical job. Many basic activities, such as taking jackets from customers or serving drinks to customers, may also be a part of the daily routine for front-office workers.


The morale of front office staff can be poor because they do repetitive work and their pay is typically the lowest compared to other department workers. This is a very critical concern because the interaction of these workers with customers will affect the company's productivity and performance in some way.

These employees can have high-stress levels because they can often face bad-tempered clients. They could also receive a lot of feedback, and it's hard for front office workers to retain their good services.

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