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Thomson First Call

Reviewed by Annapoorna | Updated on Feb 19, 2021


Introduction to Thomson First Call

Thomson First Call was a member of the company, Thomson Financial unit. Since 1984, Thomson First Call had been providing access to mixed financial analysis.

Thomson Financial is a US$ 1.6 billion supplier of data, analytics, and analytical services to the global investment community, as per 2018 data. It is also a subsidiary of the Thomson Corporation, a leading global provider of integrated business and skilled customer information solutions.

Research at Thomson First Call came from about 800 contributing companies, corporate records, and public filings. In May 2018, Thomson First Call distributed research on institutional efficiency to more than 34,000 organisations in more than 130 countries. At that time, approximately 98% of U.S. institutional money managers relied on some form of knowledge from the Thomson First Call.

Services offered by Thomson First Call

Thomson Financial distributed first call data via the following media: - LAN-based applications - Internet-based applications - Web-based customer-configured solutions - Leased lines - Application Program Interfaces (APIs) - File Transfer Protocol ( FTP) sites - Wireless apps

The data was also available on 35 third party distributors' websites worldwide, including Bloomberg, Reuters/Bridge, and S&P. Eventually, curated content from Thomson First Call reached millions of readers and investors through Thomson's Media Program, which was widely used by over 600 media outlets worldwide.

The flagship service of Thomson First Call was First Call Notes. It provided morning meeting notes from analysts, intraday research broadcasts, and commentary from global sell-side institutions, within minutes of the release of information.

Subscribers to Thomson First Call Notes could search the database by broker, ticker symbol, company name, portfolio, area, country, industry, subject headline, or date range. Among the other features, it could build up to 200 portfolios capable of monitoring up to 2,000 ticker symbols each.

Moreover, it alerted the ticker symbols, subscribers, by notifying for the ticker symbols preselected and elected. It further involved real-time financial and investor-related press releases.

The Successor to Thomson First Call

Thomson Financial has launched an updated and rebranded version of First Call Analyst, the company's web-based analysis and analytical program for institutional investment managers—Thomson ONE Analytics. The new platform is re-engineered to interoperate with other Thomson ONE elements applicable to institutional investors, such as Thomson ONE Equity.

The web-based platform delivers integrated access to the leading content of Thomson brands, such as First Call, Datastream, I/B/E/S, Worldscope, etc. Additionally, the content from third-party users' firms is made available.

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